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Hi! My name is Melissa A. Wiringi, 

I'm a freedompreneur, published author and inspirational speaker.

I'm passionate about helping adventurous visionaries achieve their wildest dreams, rise up and make and impact on the world.

I believe we all deserve to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled.

What Do I Do?

I help conscious creatives and adventurous families create their freedom business so they can create the lifestyle they desire and live life on their terms.

Free-spirits have an opportunity to take advantage of online systems created to embrace and spread abundance throughout the world.​​​​

We can do this all while working on our inner game so we can live life fearlessly, free and fulfilled, while empowering others to do the same. 

We live life on our terms - not the way we were told to.

Who is Melissa?

She is also an inspirational speaker, sharing her heart on living fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She wrote Start with I, to document her process, as she recognises the key to success is developing self worth and belief with the outcome of achievement. For Melissa, as she has gone through this process, her ultimate idea of a business appeared, and now she is excited to share this with others.

Melissa believes we all deserve to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She also recognises we have the tools available to create this life while enjoying it, rather than struggling towards it as we've been deeply conditioned to believe we need to do.