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​Hi! My name is Melissa A. Wiringi, 

I'm a travelling gypsy entrepreneur, worldschooling mum of three AND
 inspirational author and speaker.

I support families to create a plan so they can
live their wildest dreams, even if they don't know where to start.

I believe we all deserve to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled.

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What Do I Do?

I support families to go after their wildest dreams. I help them to start earning an online, take anywhere income within 72 business hours of pressing the YES button. I am proud to show families they CAN create an income that doesn't require them to sacrifice their time and energy, and DOESN'T require hours of learning technical skills to succeed. 

Free-spirited families have an opportunity to take advantage of the digital nomad lifestyles, even if they haven't learned the online marketing skills. Even if they have zero desire to build a massive following.

We ALL deserve the balance that allows us to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled, while empowering others to do the same. 

We live life on our terms - not the way we were told to.

Who is Melissa?

She is also an inspirational speaker, sharing her heart on living fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She wrote Start with I, to document her process, as she recognises the key to success is developing self worth and belief with the outcome of achievement. For Melissa, as she has gone through this process, she has found a way that she could share her message without expectation, help others to impact more lives and earn an income that feels aligned.

Melissa believes we all deserve to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She also recognises we have the tools available to create this life while enjoying it, rather than struggling towards it as we've been deeply conditioned to believe we need to do.