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Hi! My name is Melissa A. Wiringi, 

I'm a freedomprenuer, published author and inspirational speaker.

I believe in living fearlessly, free and fulfilled.

I help free-spirits build their attraction and affiliate marketing business so they can live the lifestyle they desire - and deserve.

Part of this journey is shining light on their inner greatness and pushing them to overcome their limitations, so they can achieve their highest potential and achieve their definition of freedom.

Are you ready to live life Fearless, Free and Fulfilled?

  • question
    Have you ever felt like you are drowning in a mediocre life?
  • Have you ever been told your dreams are unattainable?
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own an online business and travel the world?

What I've discovered is you are not alone! Many people struggle to with feeling stuck in society's plan, a mediocre life. Many of us, including me, have felt like their big dream is too big to attain.  And being born into the wonderfully blessed millennial, I've always been drawn to how I can profit from the internet and travel the world. Because let's face it, there are LOTS of people benefiting from the power of the internet, and us free-spirits are in a prime position to take advantage of the systems that are already there to make money, enjoy freedom and up-level our inner game so we can live life they way we choose - not the way we were told to. 

Clicking this button will take you to my landing page, this is where you can opt in to watch our webinar to learn about what we are doing to create our freedom lifestyle.

Who is Melissa?

She is also an inspirational speaker, sharing her heart on living fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She wrote Start with I, to document her process, as she recognises the key to success is developing self worth and belief with the outcome of achievement. For Melissa, as she has gone through this process, her ultimate idea of a business appeared, and now she is excited to share this with others.

Melissa believes we all deserve to live fearlessly, free and fulfilled. She also recognises we have the tools available to create this life while enjoying it, rather than struggling towards it as we've been deeply conditioned to believe we need to do.