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Aug 18

The Sensation of Desire

By melissawiringi | Human Potential , Spirituality

The Sensation of DesireAre you tuned into the sensation of desire? Desire is a pull, a yearning, a feeling of wonder. You can feel it when you see something luxurious or when you see someone enjoying a life experience that somewhere, deep within, you also desire. You can experience it when you read a book or magazine, or watch a movie with themes that […]

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Aug 16

A Poetic Covid Thought

By melissawiringi | Uncategorized

A Poetic Covid ThoughtSome say it’s real.Some say it’s fake.Some call it a conspiracy.Watching the news that one time was my mistake.Some say lock yourselves inSome say we have a right to be freeSome say it’s Bill Gates.And I’m just trying to be meThe thing about thisAll this anger, strife and painIt’s tearing our world […]

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Apr 15

How to Become Fearless

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

How to Become FearlessBecoming fearless (for me anyway) is staring your demons straight in the face and understanding them.Sure. I haven’t had demons as bad as some people. Sure, there’s plenty of people out there who have experienced something 100 or even 1,000 times worse than what I’ve been through.However, I did hate my life. […]

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