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Hey there! I'm Melissa 💕

I help free-spirits create the life they desire.

I help creative, free-spirited visionaries to live their wildest dreams AND make an impact, even if they can't see their greatness YET (because I can see the greatness in humans - that's my secret weapon). 

I would love to support you on this journey, it's a blessing to be considered and I would love to offer you a free call to talk more about what I can offer you so together WE can IMPACT far more lives. 

Let's do this together xx

Create the Life You Always Dreamed Of

My Offers

Moments for Life

COMING SOON - Monthly subscription

Together we will deep dive into your inner world and recreate your spiritual mindset, heal and empower you to step into your greatness. We will establish clarity about where you are currently and where you want to go while building your inner worth and confidence. 

Working in a group setting, you will be supported to break through your fears, release limiting beliefs and step into your power in a transformation that will reveal your inner greatness. 

This will move you from lack into abundance, with a transformation process to help you manifest your greatest dreams and desires.

Girl on Fire

Work with me to transform and expand. From lack into abundance, you deserve it. 

My packages start at $2,500 and include lifetime support.

Alternatively, you can choose a six week one on one intensive for $3,500. 

Find out more, book a call with me today!

Empire State of Mind

This is for the unicorns, the ones who want it all. The ones who want to up-level their mindset while building an online empire.

You can have it all, you CAN make your impact on the world while living your wildest dreams. 

Imagine creating the life of freedom and fulfilment that your heart desires (even if you feel like you haven't got the time to build your business right now)!

If a spiritual or impact driven business is calling to you, I'd love to help you bring your greatest vision to reality.

Together, we will impact more lives than ever before, and be divinely compensated through the power of commission based products.

Pricing is custom built starting at $7,500 including lifetime support.

Let's talk more about bringing your dreams to life, impacting more lives together, and changing the world!