Work With Me | Melissa A. Wiringi


Hey there! I'm Melissa 💕

I love helping people create the life they desire.

I help adventurous visionaries achieve their wildest dreams, rise up and make an impact even if they can't see their greatness yet. 

I do this through my transformational mindset programs and business automation programs.

I am here to walk beside you on your journey as you transform your greatest dreams to reality.

Create the Life you Always Dreamed of

How Can I Support Your Journey?

Girl on Fire

A six week transformation unlike anything else before.

Together we will deep dive into your inner world and rapidly recreate your mindset, heal and empower you to step into your greatness. We will establish clarity about where you are currently and where you want to go while building your inner worth and confidence. 

Working one on one with me , you will break through your fears, release limiting beliefs and step into your power in a transformation that will reveal your inner greatness. 

Your inner transformation is also supported by a process that  will help you manifest your greatest dreams and desires.

Empire State of Mind

This is for the unicorns, the ones who want it all. The ones who want to up-level their mindset while building an online empire.

You can have it all, you CAN create an impact on the world and a profitable business. It will take time and effort, but it is worth it!

Imagine creating the freedom and fulfilment that your heart desires (even if you feel like you haven't got the time to set up your business right now)!

The reality is freedom and fulfilment are very rarely achieved in a regular job, but there are ways to build this life in only a few hours each week.

If a freedom business is calling to you, I'd love to help you bring your greatest vision to reality.

Casual Sessions

Moments for Life

This is for anyone wanting to experience a one-off or casual deep dive session/s with me. These one-off sessions provide an opportunity to work with me for anyone wishing to discover more about a particular fear or block. It is designed to push through, remove self limitations and help you feel boundless so you can go forward in confidence with your decisions and commitments.