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Why Waiting is Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Sep 01

 Why Waiting is Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals

They say good things come to those who wait.

But I’d like to think that good things want you to grab them and take advantage of them now.

Back in 2010 I had this goal of getting my legally blind status changed by way of laser eye surgery. Pause. Take your hand and put it about 50cm in front of your face. That was the point where things would get fuzzy for me, and anything further was one big colourful blur. So it wasn't a small goal, it was to be a radical change.

I hustled the money to get my surgery and I had my eyes tested for planned surgery in March 2011. The surgeon was uncomfortable performing the surgery at the time because of my eye shape. I was warned if I went ahead, perhaps if my eyes continued to change I could run the risk of permanent blindness.

So I left it. I kept the goal there, but I didn’t end up doing anything about it. I often told myself, “I really need to get my eyes done," but I had a self limiting belief, that my eyes were too bad, and I probably wouldn't be able to get the surgery done anyway. I always found excuses not to go in again to retest even though I really wanted to see again.

By the end of 2013, I could no longer wear contact lenses, my eyes refused to accept them. I started purchasing glasses, while my voice inside my head was still saying, "get your eyes tested again". I didn't listen, and continued on for three more years with glasses!

Finally at the end of 2016 I decided enough was enough, and took the plunge after I saw an offer I couldn't resist. I was assessed in January, and the surgery was completed in February 2017. Almost 6 years after my first appointment I could see, and it was incredible.

I realised I should’ve done this years ago, I could've had such amazing vision for all of this time and it’s made such a huge difference in my life. Waiting and self limiting beliefs prevented me from taking on this goal and as a result I missed out on at least five years of incredible vision.

So if you have a goal you want to achieve, and you have the opportunity, ALWAYS give it a shot. Otherwise you’ll keep waiting for the right moment. And what if the right moment never comes?? I'm truly grateful the right moment came for me, otherwise I'd still be legally blind!! 

As you read this, you may already be working on something amazing in your life. You may already have a vision of what you want and how you want to achieve it. You have set your mind and are eager to put plans into action.

So if this is something you really feel strongly for, then why not act now?

It’s difficult to be aggressive with your plans if in your mind you are conscious of different things. We are mindful of wanting instant gratification and people may tell you there’s a great benefit from waiting to reach a certain level of knowledge achievable only through time and experience. That things follow a natural progression and it’s just not right to rush to the top.

Life moves fast and the longer you wait the farther your goals seem to be. You may get sidetracked from your goals, either because of a problem at work or personal relationships, and all your plans will just have to be put off until someday, or the right time. A lot of times we don’t jump at a chance for fear of making mistakes and failing.

We want to achieve big things that we wait for the perfect moment to start acting. But the truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect moment. Most success stories are actually made by people who take advantage of opportunities now and turn them into great results.

Opportunities are always around you and so are the challenges. Waiting for the right opportunity or the right time to act will just keep you from achieving big things now. Take chances on things you truly believe in and be ready for what this life brings.

So what are you waiting for??

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