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Why I Chose a Freedom Business

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Apr 05

Why I Chose to Create a Freedom Business

I'd been in online business for almost two years (or about three and a half years if you count the first short-lived attempt at travel blogging).

My biggest problem was, no matter how much effort I put in, I wasn't making money. 

I loved being on stage, but finding childcare for three kids for a whole day while I was doing unpaid work wasn't working too well.

I struggled to find leads. I struggled with creating freebies that people liked. I felt like I was running around in the dark trying to hit an impossible target!

I didn't enjoy social media because it felt like I was wasting my time, it seemed like an extra thing I had to do and it was draining. 

My focus was scattered. 

As a wife and homeschooling mum of three busy kids, I just couldn't find enough hours in the day to manage all my tasks.

I needed to create freebies, write blogs, create email nurture series. And funnels. I needed to be online, engaging in groups, putting myself out there, everywhere. It took more hours in the day than I had and on the odd chance someone was interested in working with me, it became stressful thinking about where I'd book time to work with them one on one.

I worried about my baby always waking up and crying in calls, and my kids fighting while I was on the phone. It was less than ideal. 

As my two years anniversary loomed ahead of me, I started to think maybe I just wasn't meant for an online service business. 

I began to think perhaps it was time to get a job, pay off the debt and just be content that I wasn't in a position to create the online income of my dreams at this time.

The thought broke my heart in more ways than one. 

I didn't want to send the big kids to school and the little guy to childcare. As much as they can be a handful at times, I would still rather hang with them before they don't want to hang with me anymore. 

Really, all I wanted was a thriving business, like the one I imagined I'd own after two years of working my butt off.  

I began exploring Affiliate programs, something I'd learned about in my blogging days. Back then, I'd discovered affiliate marketing is a traffic game. I could earn $0.70 per book sale. And I'd be lucky to sell one a month! I knew I was going to need some serious traffic to make enough sales to actually live off.

When I tried this new training platform for attraction and affiliate marketing, I learned how to leverage my social media to make sales. I learned the importance of copywriting and branding. I learned how to attract my audience, rather than hunt them down. 

I realised there were more than a few ways to attain a five figure monthly income with this online business game.  

This less time-intensive, more hands off, but more long-term game seemed to suit me a whole lot more than selling my time.

The biggest learning curve was realising I needed to focus on high quality, high ticket, high commission, high conversion products. A light blinked on, I started to see hope.

The numbers showed me that I really only needed a handful of sales each month to attain my goal of five figure months.

These days I rarely approach people to sell, if I do, it's because I'm genuinely interested in their lives, their travel, their adventures. More often than not, my potential leads reach out to me. 

Right now (April 2019), I'm still growing, but this means I'm slowly seeing an increase in traffic to my website. The more traffic I have increases the number of potential yeses available to me. And that makes me very happy!

I love my new business more than anything I've done previously because it's easier to manage. I have less on my 'to do' list and more opportunity to engage and grow my brand.

I know over time, I will have a business that completely replaces my husband's income, while also increasing  our household income. This business will provide for us the way I wanted my first attempts to.

I know we will have the freedom to travel the world with our kids with this business.

I know this for certain because I've seen overwhelming success with many new entrepreneurs, such as Ngatai and Jermaine, parents of six children, who both left their jobs in their first month and went on to make $25K in their eighth month of biz and over $100K in their first year. That was inspiring to see that unfold.

See this video by Ngatai and Jermaine about their freedom business

They are not the only ones. Chanelle and Ramai are parents of eight children. They also found freedom in this business and both left their jobs inside of the first twelve months in business.

Both these families had no prior experience in online business, just a simple will to succeed and courage to follow the process. And the best news is, they are far from the only ones! 

If you'd like to find out more about how you can begin building your freedom business, I'd love to hear from you!

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