When a working mum blogs

When a working mum blogs…

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Aug 01

When a working mum blogs…


I started this blog because I really want to get into a good habit going BEFORE we leave. And it’s also nice to start connecting with other family travellers. It makes the thought of travelling a lot less scary. I have tried really hard to spend at least three hours on it a week, quite often I spend a lot more.

This may (sadly) change for a while. Our saving quest has been going really slowly. I’ve been working 15 hours a week. It seems like we are saving, but much less than what we were able to achieve in the past. We aren’t really concerned, we still have about 12 to 15 months before we go.

I was at the local mall recently, and a job notice in the window of a Travel agency caught my eye. I decided to apply, as it’s close by, and what traveller doesn’t want to talk travel all day while saving? I didn’t really expect much from it, but sure enough, I got the job. I really believe the job chose me!

So, it looks like my posts might be a bit less frequent. But I will still make every effort to post at least once per week. I’ll try and fit in writing on a couple of lunch breaks per week. I don’t know that we will do so much by way of weekend get aways for a bit. I still intend on seeing Australia before we go!! It’ll just have to be done once we end our lease and quit our jobs.

I’m looking forward to the change. Full time work will be a bit scary, but at least it’s only a few minutes from my house. A sacrifice for a year to gain an entire year to eighteen months (or forever if things go super fabulous) will be worth it. I hope. Let’s see where this takes the Wiringi’s!

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