What is a freedom business?

What is a Freedom Business?

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Jun 16

What is a Freedom Business?

What is a freedom business?? And who are they for?? 

I'm going to show you a little about what makes a business a freedom business and you will discover they can be many things depending on the owners interpretation of freedom and fulfilment!

My definition of a freedom business is a soul driven business with no location constraints, minimal time commitment, providing multiple income streams (including passive) which allows you to live your wildest dreams.

For some this could mean location independence, for others it might mean having a permanent base. But for all of us it means having flexibility!

Freedom is unique to the individual. For me, I like to follow my heart around the world. I like to spend my time in warm, beachside towns, sharing my time between the beach with my family and sightseeing in neighbouring towns or countries. When I get bored of a place, I like to move on, and find myself somewhere new.  I like to be able to write my books and speak on stages. I like to feel unlimited!

Other people might enjoy their permanent base, and just desire the flexibility of working minimal hours so they can enjoy their family, hobbies, sports, or whatever gets them going!

Other people might be a mixture of these... It really is up to the individual values of each person.

I believe most people want to work, doing something they love. And why not? With the technology available these days, anything is possible. You only have to spend some time on Google, looking up interesting ways people earn an income to realise you can make money doing anything. 

I've seen people making money playing their PlayStation while others watch, kids playing with toys, people baking, knitting, fishing. You name it, someone is making some money doing this stuff. 

So why don't we all have our own freedom businesses?

Life is what you make it - Melissa Wiringi

I feel like a lot of it is to do with fear. People may know their calling but they are afraid because they don't understand the business side of it. Setting it all up can be daunting, but done well, can provide a life full of satisfaction and enjoyment!!

Many others can't make up their minds (I was one of these for the longest time). With so many passions, it becomes difficult to define what product or service you'd like to offer. So instead of just choosing one and running with it, it gets easier to put it off until you know what you want to do​.

The problem is no commitment results in no action. And no action means no progress. So if you are thinking of setting up a freedom business, I highly recommend you just start! Make it a side hustle to begin with. It might take you three months, six months, even a year to work out the business that works best for you. But once you find your dream freedom business, you definitely won't want to go back to the dreaded employment!!

So what prevents you from starting your freedom business? I'd love to know, leave your ideas in the comments below!

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