Thoughts on Homeschooling Week 3 | Melissa A. Wiringi

Thoughts on Homeschooling Week 3

By melissawiringi

Oct 04

aaliyah-homeschoolWeek one was a short week, it ended up being a complete fail. We were in the midst of moving house and got next to nothing done. I wasn’t feeling very confident we could get through our fortnight of homeschool work. Week two was better. We had tantrums and melt downs, and I wondered how on earth I would cope in NZ without my husband there to take one of the kids if someone needed one on one time. I also observed how easily and quickly my husband explained maths, it seems like he has a wonderful ability to communicate with my son… I had felt like I was going around in hopeless circles, we got nowhere.

Week 3 was our first full and settled week homeschooling. We arrived in NZ on the Saturday, and it has been my first week doing home school alone with the kids. I’m impressed with how well it went. We still had challenges, I still had moments of frustration, but we got through the week of work. I feel like we achieved a lot this week. I recognise I have done the right thing. My son was really struggling at school in Australia, he was always at the tail end of the class. In the last couple of weeks we have spent so much intensive time on maths, he is much more confident, and I have become extremely confident home school is right for him. This week he has tackled problems that he had no idea about only a few weeks ago. He is much more confident in his abilities and I am so happy for him. He is proud, and happy to have achieved so much.

I don’t know where home school will take us over the coming year or so. Perhaps, eventually we will move towards unschooling or worldschooling. But for now, this is a great start, and I am sure over the coming months I will learn so much about becoming a teacher and a parent to my two amazing children!!



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