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The Sensation of Desire

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Aug 18

The Sensation of Desire

Are you tuned into the sensation of desire?

Desire is a pull, a yearning, a feeling of wonder.

You can feel it when you see something luxurious or when you see someone enjoying a life experience that somewhere, deep within, you also desire.

You can experience it when you read a book or magazine, or watch a movie with themes that appeal to you.

For me, the desire was a gypsy lifestyle. 

I'd read books like Eat, Pray, Love and imagine how I could make my life something like that. I embraced my desires and hunted them down. I never allowed ego to tread on or near my gypsy desires.

Thoughts like, "you're dreaming", "you live in fantasyland", "get real" and "in your dreams" weren't welcome in my brain because I cherished the imaginative dreamer that I am.

I've experienced years of certain family members telling me I'm a dreamer and I live in a fantasy world. I'm grateful I can shake it off. I'm also very fortunate to have other family members who encouraged me to go out and live my dreams. 

And this is WHY I'm here in Vietnam enjoying my life. This is why I'm here travelling, experiencing, learning and connecting. 

Because I'm tuned into the sensation of my desires.

A story to help you to understand this:

Back in April (2020), I saw a fantasy a home advertised for monthly rent in the local expat group. My heart was excited, I was captivated by the beauty of this villa. I was equally captivated by its location on the beach. My soul knew it was for me. 

My realistic ego had to go and do some research first. I scoured AirBnb and found the home. It was WAY out of our budget.

But the thought wouldn't go away. I kept returning to stare at the beautiful photos of my dream villa. I put a post in that expat group to see what else was available. I got a million replies with some BEAUTIFUL homes. But they weren't MY villa. 

In my heart, I already had the place. So I contacted the advertiser and made a time to look at it. As we rode our bikes down the cute tiny lane, I knew without a doubt this was home. The pink flowers covered the gated entrance, and the ocean was at our doorstep. It was something out of my fantasy dreams.

We inspected the rooms and kitchen. I was sold on the spot. The blue and white, the trees, the ocean. It was perfect for me.

How much?

It was a stretch on our budget. But it wasn't a huge gaping leap. It wasn't going to send us poor. It was always made for me. It wasn't the first, nor will it be the last time that I have to trust and stretch into something because I know it will all work out.

If I'd given in to my practical ego, I would've settled for something offered to me rather than stretching to live in my dream home.

Read that again.


Don't be that person who settles for something less than you desire! Your desires are there, guiding you. They are calling you to step into your abundance!

Only two months later, I've repeated the process again, but this time it was even easier to say yes to the beautiful villa I'm living in for the month of August.

The sensation of desire is telling you that someplace, deep within you (or perhaps not so deep), you have a vibrational match for this 'thing' or 'experience' or 'person' (hint: also be careful if your desires are not good for you, this means maybe you've got some inner work to shift that vibration into something more abundant).

Tune into the sensation of desire, and believe you deserve your desires, because they are guiding you towards your dreams.

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