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The Reality of Starting a Freedom Business

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Apr 16

The Reality of Starting an Online Business

When I started on this journey of online business to create freedom, I honestly thought, 'this will be a piece of cake'.

I looked at my past - I had experiences that you'd expect would guarantee instant, overnight success... 

  • I grew up with an entrepreneur as my dad - he was (and still is) an amazingly business minded human, filled with ideas. He built the wonderful Lakeland Queen (still in Lake Rotorua, New Zealand) and also designed a patent on a machine called a finger jointer (used in sawmills around the world).
  • I fell in love with business at a young age, worked in my dad's office in my early teens
  • In my later teens I read all of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, started learning about Richard Branson and began attending wealth creation and investing seminars
  • I started my first Network Marketing businesses, Nutrimetics (made a little money), Herballife (made no money) and MonaVie (again, made no money).
  • I studied business and information systems after finishing high school, and even completed a Bachelor in Business Information

With all this under my belt, I thought it would be a walk in the park. I figured it'd take me six months to a year, MAX, to be earning easy five figure months. After all, everyone else seemed to be succeeding online, I had plenty of talent, and I couldn't see any good reason why I wouldn't succeed.

Fast forward to 2017, and I realised I didn't know enough about the 'real online world' space and hired a mentor. This was a stepping stone to commitment because prior to 2017, I was not committed the way I am today!  

I published my book late in 2017 thinking, this would be the thing that helps me to take off. But it wasn't. I launched my speaking career in 2018. And still nothing.

So I began to seriously evaluate why I wasn't succeeding.

A big part of my stagnant progress was me. I was making things difficult. I was making it a struggle. The way I saw my dad tirelessly work. I had turned my inner beliefs into my outer reality!

I was put myself under so much pressure to do EVERYTHING. I was a wife, a homeschooling mum with three kids, one of which didn't like to sleep at all in the early days of my business and trying to start an online business that involved one to one coaching. 

Within my business I was juggling the learning curve, building websites, learning social media (which at the time I didn't particularly enjoy), trying to figure out branding and advertising and marketing and OHHH I need an email nurture series too?? 

Then I found the never ending prospecting ritual downright painful. And seemingly desperate at times. I didn't want to be this human that had to chase (or hunt) people down to win a sale. I wanted it to be the other way around! They should be chasing me - logically that seemed how the internet was supposed to work. Wasn't it?

After burning out once, twice, maybe four times, I became very resistant about branding myself as a coach. I barely had enough to give my family and 'work' let alone anyone else. The word 'coach' had become dirty in a lot of ways too because of some interactions with some not so beautiful kinds of coaches (see this blog to understand what I'm talking about).

I spent a year focusing on me, my self worth and spiritual development. And I felt free. But I still had no idea how to translate that into money. Unless I was to be a coach. But I was pretty sure I didn't want to go down that path.

I was staring at my, now more or less empty, bank balance, thinking, 'wow, I can't believe I've invested $30K and haven't seen the return yet, maybe I should just go get a j.o.b'. And believe me, that thought was tearing my heart out. 

I didn't want that, at any cost. Thankfully, some good friends of mine had recently started their freedom business. They had none of my background or experience (or even interest) in business, yet within only a few months their primary income earner had quit his job, and the other was preparing to leave hers too. 

Ohhh, did I mention they were supporting seven kids at the time (now eight kids)?

So I very reluctantly stepped in. Into this world of fear. And I was relieved. 

On the other side of my resistance was a system to help me every step of the way. 

What I learned in the following few months, was there was a world of conscious creatives alive and willing to support me on this journey. It turns out I could've had access to coaches, healers, mindset experts, spiritual junkies and next level business ninjas for free within this incredible system.

So it turns out, I did it the hard way. The way I was conditioned to do things. And now, I'm opting for the easy way.

And I'm sharing it with anyone who is over the struggle too. Feel free to message me any time if you'd like to learn more about setting up your freedom business. I'd love to be the person to help you along the journey.

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