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The Million Dollar Promise

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Aug 23

Have you noticed the prevalence of advertising describing ways to fast track your $1,000,000 business? Or advertising with testimonials of how this girl or guy just made their first five figure week only a week or so after joining a program?? Or testimonials advertising about someone making their six figure income shortly after starting a program??

If you answered yes, well, so have I. Now I've had a little (or a lot) of time to look into some of these amazing stories. And I don't want to belittle anyone's success, because yes, it is AWESOME and people DO reach these fabulous landmarks in their business, but is it realistic to portray these results as advertising?

When I observe these testimonials and promises, I see something, many of the testimonials are from people who already had their business, and they may have already put in a significant amount of time and effort building that business. Most often, the person or founder, is the person who is responsible for their own success. Yes, they may give credit to a coach who pushes them to succeed in their goals, however I feel a little uncomfortable that coaches sometimes use these clients as click bait for the little entrepreneurs just getting started.

I honestly do feel happy for the amazing people who have soared to success after hiring a coach. And yes, that is what coaches are here to do, push you to create goals which allow you to have the financial freedom you desire. But are we as coaches here to use our top performing clients as a way to generate more leads? Should we do this? Is it even ethical?

I won't promise you 7 figures in ten months. I'm not saying it's impossible either. I'm just not sure I like luring people with suggestive marketing like this!

I know in the fine print, when you're about to hand over that $10,000 or $20,000 (or more), it reads the results vary and they cannot guarantee your success, but it's really got me questioning what advertising works in this kind of industry!

I recently clicked on an add about gaining clients, I was interested if they had any new perspectives. I got a really rubbish one page pdf in exchange for my phone number. They then called and offered a free coaching call. I thought, why not, I'm always up for checking out how competitors services. The follow up call was a nightmare. I was practically bullied into creating a course on the fly and opening it up to clients while I worked a week behind the course participants.

Fortunately I saw through the illusion ("You'll be making so much money, it'll be worth it" - all for $20,000), and declined to work with them. Ok yes, that process may work for some people, however as a mama of three, homeschooling, working on my personal development and on other programs, I knew I didn't have the time resources for a time intensive course build with no room up my sleeve to move. I knew it'd be more stress than I need in my life. The way I was spoken to helped me see a type of coach I never wish to be.

Just to put you straight, I'm not saying any of these are wrong. I just hope when you see these ads, you consider the story behind them, ask lots of questions, like, "what proportion of your clients get these results?" and, "given my situation, how long can I expect to have a result like this?" Make sure you are also honest and clear about the time you can commit. Finally, make sure you consider your gut instinct. If it feels off, there is probably a reason why!! Make sure your instincts are telling you it feels right before making a significant financial investment, but also, don't let fear stop you from making a decision you feel can change your life! A tricky balance, I know!! 

So here is my personal promise, it won't cost you $20,000, or even $10,000. I know I'm great at what I do and I know you'll get the results you want. If you are nervous about coaching, I'm not going to force you into a sale. I'm one of the few who will let you have a few free trials so you will see what coaching can do for you. I don't promise the earth, I promise you your goals and dreams if you are prepared to work hard for them. I also promise you'll move your business forward and make more progress working with me than you would working on your own.

You are the master of your own success, so if you want a seven figure business, yes, you can have that, and yes, I am happy to coach you, push you, challenge you and encourage you to achieve that, but you will be the one putting in the hard work to make it happen, the success will be yours. I would love to share your story, but not as an excuse to try and get someone just starting out to spend more than they have on a dream that may realistically take them two years to achieve!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and impressions of these ads selling '7 figure fast track' programs! Do you click? Have you bought? What was your experience like? Or am I totally off the mark with this one?? 

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