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What People Say About Melissa

Inspired and excited!

I had just started to think about starting my own business, but I really had no idea what I would do.

Melissa helped me look at my strengths and really narrow down some options, as well as inspire and excite me to really get started on building my own location independent business. For the first time, I really feel as though I can do it, and Melissa provided such great tools to help get me there.

Melissa is such a helpful, inspiring person and so knowledgeable about business! I know she will be able to help guide you in the right direction and get you started, and accelerate your business. She has fantastic ideas and techniques to ensure you take action and get things done.

Melissa is an inspiration and she really cares about me and my success.

Jacquie Wootton

Visionary Business Advisor & Trusted Coach

I was unclear and uncertain about my boundaries and options with a new partnership and business idea.

Melissa has an in-depth knowledge of business process and can lead you to clear resolutions. Even if you just need a platform for someone to hear your ideas, Melissa can make sense of any uncertainty.

She listens to each aspect of the situation so that she could offer the best strategic advice and has a clear, creative approach to making alot of money 🙂 woohoo!!

She has delivered over and above what I was expecting.

I am very grateful to have your advice to help make important business decisions - thank you, Melissa!

Sheena Alexandra Director

Coaching has helped me structure my business and move forward

Coaching is definitely worth it. Get it! Seriously! Having someone there for you, making sure you get your stuff done and keeping you sane is so important! Being an online business entrepreneur can get so lonely and a business coach encourages you to come out of your shell to make sure you don't make the many mistakes that entrepreneurs make, one of them being: completely relying on yourself. Also, having someone there to bounce ideas off and to share more ideas and thoughts, is super useful.

I've gained confidence and ability to see beyond myself. Often, I get stuck because I don't set my sights very high. But as soon as you set your sights higher, and realise how much you can achieve, you start achieving it! I've developed an ability to think above and beyond.

Having Melissa as an accountability partner and someone that really listens to me has just been invaluable, kept me going, and boosted my confidence in so many ways!

Before I started coaching, I was going... okay. I was motivated but slow-paced and lacked the ability to think outside the box. Melissa has helped me structure my business, my plans, and my workload. I've had so many epiphanies and also learned so much about myself and how I want to proceed. Melissa is very good at structuring how to move forward, and how to do your best.

I LOVE working with Melissa! She's so energetic and knowledgeable, and really keeps me accountable when I need it the most! Her ability to think outside the box has really helped me push my agenda forward.

What I love about Melissa's work is that she doesn't stop. Just because the coaching call has ended doesn't mean she stops being your coach. If she finds something useful she will still email/message you. She's on your side, 100% and that's the best feeling in the world.

The hard work has been done now, and now to implement the strategies we've been laying down! Woohoo! Onwards!

Arna van Goch Founder

Fundamental support for someone finding their way through business

Everything was going better than planned, but because I hadn't planned for it my stress levels were high, I was tired all the time, and I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. Navigating business is difficult, particularly at the age of 23, as I find there is simply so much I don't know, and I don't know enough people who can help me. It's been great to have Melissa in my corner offering support and guidance when I'm in such unknown territory.

The best thing is having someone I can message whenever I really need support! Friends, partners, and family can be great, but it feels so much better when you know the person helping has suggestions which can make a difference.

I would say definitely if the cost is something you can afford and if you're willing to take that jump then Melissa has so much support she can give you, but you have to want it! If you aren't committed, then you won't get everything from the package that you can.

Morgan McGregor Social Media Manager

The Best Business Decision I’ve Made!

I knew what I wanted to achieve as far as long and short term goals but I didn’t have a plan of action to help achieve them. I also wanted to explore new opportunities to help achieve my goals. Working with Melissa pushed me to seriously make things happen.

I created a forward trajectory that I could have never achieved alone.

Working with Melissa has been the best decision I have made in my business! She truly understands my vision, my goals, and my passions! Melissa has helped me take my business into the next level while remaining authentic and genuine.

If you are unsure about coaching, I would say definitely do it. It is worth the money, and it is so helpful and valuable. Having someone to guide you, offer an outside point of view, and help to drive you forward to achieving your vision is priceless.

Crystal Fitzgerald Spiritual Life Coach

It would have taken me 10 x longer without Melissa's help.

I had a consult with Melissa before launching my recipe blog. She was amazing...she really listened to get an understanding of what I wanted to achieve and asked me questions that helped me map out how I would get there. It was just what I needed to give me a little push and stop procrastinating - I've just launched my website & social media pages and I know it would have taken me 10 x longer without Melissa's help.

She suggested a number of resources and tips that were incredibly useful and was genuinely interested in what I wanted to do. Her supportive attitude really gave me a boost of confidence and made me even more excited about the future of my wee venture!

Thank you SO much for our session Melissa, you are such a beautiful person and I hope we cross paths again in the future xo

Brydie Jane Morrison Blogger

Gain clarity and knowledge for your next best move.

Have you ever wanted to get that extra step forward, but just not known how to make the move? I love working with Melissa because she can help you to gain clarity and knowledge for your next best move. Through her wisdom, she is great at helping me to consider my best options. Following on, she then inspires me to take charge of my direction and purpose.

Every time I talk to Melissa I feel inspired. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Melissa and I look forward to many more times to come in the future. Your advice is second to none. Thank you for everything you have done in my life. Because of you, I am.

Jessy Marie

Get going faster!

If you need the help and motivation to get you going then go for it. Coaching is well worth it to get you going faster. Also if you want someone really positive to work alongside you, then Melissa is your lady!!

I was in the baby steps of setting up a small business, I had all the thoughts in my head what I had to do to start my small business. Melissa believed in me and really gave me the strength to get my business up and running much faster than expected. I now have a small business, a Facebook account and Instagram.

Shanelle Hawea Singing Bowl Wellbeing owner

If you are thinking about coaching, do it.

Melissa has an amazing way with ideas. She thinks outside the square.

Melissa is an amazing coach for anyone in business. She has a way of looking at a business or an idea and seeing the potential, the systems needed and the way forward. Melissa is also great at connecting businesses with like-minded businesses which is invaluable.

If you are looking for ideas, clarity, inspiration, systems, motivation or business connections then Melissa is definitely the one to talk to!

Deb Gee Business Director

She'll help you make your dreams your new reality!

Melissa has inspired us for many years now. With her husband, they travelled the world and always dreamed big and to do it all with their children!
That's one thing I've always wanted to do and never thought possible until seeing Melissa and Rimaha do all that they said that they would do and go and smash it not so long ago.
Melissa has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world! And we are so grateful to be on this journey.
If you're looking for inspiration to create a new reality. To live an abundant life. A life of freedom.
Then connect with Melissa! She'll help you make your dreams your new reality!
Love these beautiful souls 💖💖💖

Chanelle Pohe Freedom Business Owner

Passionate, dedicated and knowledgable coach

I received great support from Melissa, and she worked with me with her passion and dedication. I also felt being very well cared for by her, and she helped me to see something that I didn't notice before for my memoir. She also gave me some great tips for the marketing.

I would say that Melissa works with her passion and care. She has shown she would try her best to meet her client needs with different options. She also keeps you knowing how the process of how the work is going, and she gives you the feeling that your work is very important to her. Furthermore, I could see that Melissa has a lot of knowledge which relates to networking and she tries her best to bring the best outcomes to her client.

Ha Le Thai

Recommended if you're looking for clarity

Melissa helped me define what I still needed to work on. She made me think about things that hadn’t crossed my mind.

She’s very easy to talk to and I would recommend her to anyone looking for clarity.

Jeanette Ibarra

She sees the potential in you

Melissa is an incredible, warm-hearted, passionate woman!! She radiates positivity and is extremely supportive and encouraging. She sees the potential in you and will openly help you to drive it out and drive it forward to the dreams you are wanting to create, she is a true treasure trove to all!!

Natalie Vertley-Amotawa Yoga Instructor

A passionate, trustworthy coach

Melissa explains each step in creating a successful business, helping me understand and grow my knowledge. She is always available and very supportive in all aspects of starting a business.

Sipho Emerging Lifecoaching & speaker, businessman

Highly committed to ensuring your business moves forward.

If you're looking for an action-taker to role model, then Melissa is your lady. Her beautiful nature enables her to share her knowledge abundantly and always has your best interests at heart. She fully understands what it means to have a balanced life and is highly committed to ensuring your business moves forward.

Leanne Costantino

Melissa is a pleasure to work with.

Melissa's enthusiasm and passion are infectious. She is a great communicator and this makes her online courses really easy to follow.

These strengths combined with her empathy make her a fantastic business coach.

Melissa is a pleasure to work with.

Louise Cairns