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May 16

Step by Step – Registering your domain

Once you have decided on your domain you will need to register it. You will also need hosting for your website.

If you don’t really understand hosting that’s ok, hopefully my short analogy will help. Your domain is like your shop name. Now for example, if your shop was in a shopping centre you’d need a store to operate from. That’s kind of what hosting is. It’s like the building that houses your website.

I’ve had a few clients want step by step instructions, so I decided it was a good idea to have a page for it for my people (I know there are already 1000’s of other step by steps out there).

I personally use Hostgator for my websites. You don’t have to do this, but these instructions are for Hostgator domain registration.

You can check out valid discounts by going to

So let’s get into it!!

Step One

Go to

On the menu bar,

find and click on the link that says “Domains”.

Step Two

Enter the website name you would like to use.

I prefer to use .com and this is usually the best option.However if you primarily sell to an Australian customer, you can use or if you sell to New Zealanders you could use .com is available, I’d recommend you purchase it though!

Click Search.

If your desired site name is available you will be able to select it and add it to your cart.

If you decide to purchase more than one domain, you can also add these other domains to your cart.

If your desired name is unavailable you will get a message like the one to the right.

You have an option to select an available alternative.

I’ve already registered my .com address, so I’ve selected .online.

In the Your Cart area, click on the drop down box to choose the number of years you would like to own the domain for.

Don’t worry if you forget this part. You can fix it up before you checkout.

Click “Continue to Checkout”.

Step Three

You will arrive at a page asking you to create an account.

Enter your details to create an account.

Click Continue.

Step Four

You will arrive at a page confirming your order summary.

Check the details are correct.

You can change the number of years (Term) of registration if you need to.

Click Continue to Checkout.

Step Five

Enter your payment information.

Tick the box to confirm you have read and agree to the terms.

Click “Place Your Order”


You have successfully registered your domain.

The next step is to add hosting, and install wordpress.

I’ll put add instructions for these steps in the coming weeks.

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