Smashing Self Limiting Beliefs | Melissa A. Wiringi

Smashing Self Limiting Beliefs

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Jun 09
Smashing self limiting beliefs

Smashing Self Limiting Beliefs

So this week I noticed a lot of people with some really interesting limiting beliefs. Maybe I'm lucky I learned at a relatively young age that anything is possible if you truly desire it and you are prepared to move toward your target!

Smashing self limiting beliefs

Fly toward your dreams

Earning potential is one area people feel they need to hold back. How many times have you thought, "I'm not going to make that much selling my course, service, product??" But if you sit down and have a good look at ​the realities, quite often this thought couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, you need to have a high quality product, and if you do, it's time to open your mind to the opportunities.

​There are over a billion, if not two billion users online every day. If you can tap into even a minuscule percentage of those users, you are on your way to earning what ever your heart desires! Let's use a course for an example. Say you sell a ten week course for $100. How many people do you want to sell it to? Say you sell to 10,000, that's already $1,000,000. Selling a $100 course to 10,000 people really isn't that far fetched. It's amazing to think you can earn good money using your ideas, thoughts, skills and talents. Create something amazing, unique and put it out there...

Another area people find difficult to wrap their minds around, is the cost of travel. There seems to be a wide scale perception that travel is expensive. To be fair, short term travel can be pricy. But if you are selling courses to the masses, you don't need short term travel. So now, be creative, aside from picking the most expensive cities, where do you dream of living?

Live by the ocean

I've found beach side two bedroom apartments in the south of Spain for $600 a month. There are many places throughout Europe that are very affordable on a monthly rate!! Most of us have heard how cheap South East Asia can be, if a place in this area appeals to you, why don't you do a Google search, long term rent in ... You may find yourself gasping in surprise. I've discovered places in Asia cheaper than $200 per month (for a hostel), and less than $600 per month for villas and apartments!

So perhaps next time you find yourself thinking small, or saying "I can't do xyz", switch your perspective and ask, "HOW can I do xyz?" If you struggle for an answer, it's quite likely Google might have some ideas for you. Good luck!​

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