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Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Jul 08

Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone

It can be easy to give up after missing a goal, or feeling like you've failed at something you've attempted. But if you want to achieve a great goal, things aren't always smooth sailing. Here are examples of setbacks that will motivate anyone! 

Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Three Feet From Gold

In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a story is told about a man who purchased a gold mine. He found some gold and then invested a significant amount of money to purchase equipment to mine more gold. 

The gold disappeared, the drilling seemed fruitless. After a time, HE GAVE UP.

The mine and equipment was sold for much less than it was purchased.

When the new owners drilled, they discovered gold. And it was only three feet from where the previous owner had stopped.

Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

1,000 attempts to find success

Thomas Edison has patented many inventions, but he is most well known for the lightbulb. He didn't actually invent the first lightbulb, but what he did do was create the first commercially viable lightbulb. 

It took many years and a thousand attempts to get this right. He continued to innovate time and time again because he knew what his desired outcome was. He didn't give up and created a lightbulb that really brought light to the masses.

Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

27 Years in Prison

Nelson Mandela believed in peace, he believed in freedom for his people. In his early days of freedom fighting, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiring to violently overthrow the government. This was lucky, because at the time the sentence could have been death. 

From his prison cells he mastered his mind, he learned all he could and eventually emerged to change the fate of his nation. He worked tirelessly for peace in his country, resulting in the end of apartheid in South Africa. 

He is a huge inspiration in the pursuit of freedom and world peace. 

Setbacks That Will Motivate Anyone - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

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Gambling it all on a far fetched dream

I've recently finished reading Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future, and my admiration for Elon has grown! 

Elon invested everything into his companies, SpaceX and Tesla to create spaceships and solar cars. Many people criticised his decisions, he was shown endless photos and images of crashing spaceships. He received criticism in the press. He was considered crazy. There were more people who didn't believe in him than those that did.

Despite the lack of belief in his companies, Elon decided he was going to make both of them work. Despite numerous set backs and financially hitting rock bottom, he persisted. He would never stop and his dedication led him to successfully bring electric cars into production as well as developing an innovative reusable shuttle which is leading the way forward in space technology. 

I look at what this one man has achieved in his lifetime, and it makes me realise that the seemingly impossible, is totally possible. The key ingredients are belief and persistence!

Setbacks are simply a test

Setbacks are there to test you. They are there to challenge you, to see how committed you really are. You simply must continue to believe in yourself, push yourself through, persist and eventually you will reap the rewards of your decision to pursue a big dream! 

Have you experienced setbacks in your life? Have you got any stories to share to add to these incredible testaments to the power of belief and persistence?

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