Planning world family travel

Planning world family travel – Part 3

By melissawiringi | Travel

Jul 12

Planning world family travel – Part 3

The journey from Australia, to NZ, to South America, and somehow end up in Spain

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After putting in a few hours research and thinking I had it all planned, I did something really predictable. I changed my mind…

Why would I want to change my plan to travel the world? Well, it really comes down to Spain… In order for our family to enjoy Spain to the fullest, we need to learn the lingo. I downloaded DuoLingo and started learning. I bought Madrigals Magic key to Spanish and became a dedicated student. Six months of learning and I can happily say, I have the vocabulary of a 5 year old. Ok, I’ll save that for another day.

But I thought, if we travel for four to six months through Asia, I know me, I’m going to forget what little Spanish I’ve learned. So why not travel for four to six months where Spanish is spoken?

Enter new plan. After our Australian adventures, we plan to head back to NZ for a month or two. The kids will get to see home before we go and we can see our family to say goodbye, ka kite, because who knows when we will return. As an added bonus, I’m sure (here’s hoping) by the time we leave, we’ll have plenty of readers who are super interested about Aotearoa aka New Zealand aka home.

From Auckland, my least favourite part of NZ (sorry Auckland), we can fly to Santiago, Chile. Hopefully we can buy a car there, and perhaps a tent depending what time of year we arrive!

From there the plan becomes a bit sketchy. Maybe head to Patagonia, depending on the time of year. Then maybe up to Buenos Aires, back across through Paraguay. Let’s go see those waterfalls, that have three different countries bordering them.

I’d like to see the salt flats in Bolivia. We can skip the death road. We would definitely head to Peru and see Machu Picchu and Cuzco. We can drive up, down, over,  around mountains and probably get altitude sickness.

Eventually we would drive along the coast to Ecuador. If we are super lucky maybe we can visit the Galapagos Islands… I’ve still got “swim with turtles” on my list (I did see some turtles swimming in a lake where I went wake boarding, but that doesn’t count).

Then Colombia. This is a place that excites me, I think it will be beautiful. We will be careful… Every blog I’ve read so far is very positive about the Colombian experience.

We’d definitely check out Venezuela. I’d love to head to one of the islands, or heaps of the islands those ways! Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines perhaps?! Or the Bahamas… The possibilities are endless and awesome.

From there is unknown. Maybe keep driving (with a ferry to Panama) through central America. Maybe hang out in Mexico for a bit. I don’t really know.

I’m feeling more and more certain this will be the way we go. Once we are ready to stop we’ll just have to find a flight to somewhere in Europe…

So maybe it might take us a bit longer to end up in Spain. Maybe we’ll find a few little places we love along the way.

Please don’t ask me what we’ll do with our Chilean registered car… I haven’t got a clue. Perhaps by the time we get there we’ll discover someone who dreams of doing our trip in reverse, maybe someone who we can send our car “home” with. Who knows? But that’s what makes this itinerary exciting! So much more of the unknown.

Tell me your thoughts…  I’d love to hear of your adventures through this part of the world. What do I need to see that I don’t know about??

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  • Rachael says:

    Sounds amazing Melissa! I haven’t done South America – the furthest we got was Mexico (and that was nine years ago now). I loved Mexico – it was loads of fun – we did the beach thing and were happy travellers for the best part of a month.

    The one thing that scares me most about travelling is being ‘locked in’ to somewhere I don’t like, so I would be as flexible as possible and go wherever the road takes you.

    Happy trip planning

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Rachael! Oh wow, the kids know Mexico – I talk about it all the time haha. I’ve only been there once, on a day trip from San Diego (when I was 13). I’ll have to dig up some photos hehe.
      Yeah, you are absolutely right about being “locked in”. Both my husband and I like the idea of finding a place, if we like it we stay, if not we’ll go to the next place. I am really enjoying the planning, so thanks for the comment. I think we’ll be visiting Mexico! 🙂

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