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One fear you really need to conquer

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

May 24

One fear you really need to conquer

The other day The Voice Australia was on in the background. I heard Seal ask a contestant what she feared. Her answer was honest. And it made me wonder why there isn’t so much attention around this particular fear.

Yes, we hear of fear of public speaking, fear of failure, fear of death. These are some of the most sited “top fears”. But I think many articles are missing a very big and important fear, which to be honest, I think the majority of us have done battle with it at some point or another. Many of us will continually do battle with it throughout our journeys!

It’s the fear of shining, the fear of being seen, the fear of showing your truth off to the world. It’s a fear of being great. It’s the fear of letting yourself spill out into the world with all your amazing greatness.

Now what I’ve learned over the past few months, is the people who surround you really do make a difference. If you hang around with a lot of mediocre, it’ll be very difficult to overcome a fear of being amazing.

However, if you start to spend time with lots of awesome people, who are bright and not afraid to shine, then you, too, will be less afraid of shining.

Be brave, be bold, be amazing. Let the world see you and your true colours. It’s more than you. By letting yourself spill over and into the great wide world, you’ll inspire others walking similar journeys to release their inner selves.

Instead of having a world of caged animals, we will have a world filled with amazing sparkles, glitter, shimmer, and all sorts of brilliant, amazing souls. The world won’t be so mediocre if that happens.

So share your sparkle, your brightness, and your greatness. Instead of doom and gloom, let’s have an amazing, bright, glittering party!

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  • Helen Oon says:

    This is so true. We are so affected by our environment. Surrounding ourselves with people that we inspire to be will rub off on us. We need to mix with the right people if we want to obtain our dreams. An ember thrown out of the fire will eventually grow cold. It needs the fire to keep it hot. In the same way we need “hot” people to keep us hot.

    • melissawiringi says:

      Thanks Helen! And yes, who you are surrounded by makes a huge impact. It really can change your way of thinking if you are surrounded by the right people!

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