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Losing Confidence? Try Moving Out of your Comfort Zone

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Oct 23

Losing Confidence? Try Moving Out of your Comfort Zone

Have you done something different lately? How did you feel about it?

Yes, sometimes different is scary. It makes us feel uneasy and anxious! I have to say, it’s easy to remain huddled in the familiar four walls of your comfort zone where nothing will throw you off track and you'll know what to expect. A comfort zone is an invisible bubble where we find all things familiar—our habits and routines, our daily commute to work, cooking, reading, anything that feels safe and involves low levels of stress. There isn't a lot that can go wrong in your comfort zone. Sounds like a great place to be in, right?+

As it turns out, it’s not. There’s nothing bad about comfort zones in itself, we definitely deserve to relax and think about nothing once in a while! But problems can occur when we become too comfortable. Often we become complacent, we stop challenging ourselves and achieving our goals. Being comfortable can mean we let amazing opportunities slip away because we are a bit afraid of what might happen if we chase them, or heaven forbid, succeed with them! Some people resist change altogether because it’s just too risky to leave familiar ground.

What happens outside comfort zones?

Unfortunately, the things we want in life—freedom, success, wealth, happiness, knowledge—are not found in our comfort zones. These amazing life goals are enjoyed by so many people, yet for some, they seem unattainable.

The reason they seem unattainable is often because of fear, which can really prevent you from making progress in your life's goals. For some people, they are afraid of the possibility of success, they fear people seeing them in their truest self. Others may find they don't believe they deserve that kind of life. 

The reality is, you can have a life of freedom, success, wealth and happiness, and to get there all it really takes is for you to step out of that little bubble and into the big uncertainty.

The reason it is so scary, is because it is the unknown. Our brains like things to be familiar, and therefore, unless you teach your brain the way forward, it can seem like you are stuck in one place. 

The successful future, for some, is a place full of doubts, risks and challenges. It is also the place where you have the opportunity to watch magic happen right before your eyes. By pushing ourselves to achieve something we thought we could never do, amazing results happen!

When you challenge yourself, and start to evict your self limiting thoughts, there's an overwhelming sense of fulfilment you will never experience doing things on autopilot. Over time, your confidence builds and you start expanding your horizons, you pursue more opportunities and conquer more challenges. Suddenly, all the things you never thought of achieving will be within your reach.

Practice with the unfamiliar

Forget the comfort zone for a moment and think about the “discomfort zone.” The challenge is to familiarise and expose yourself to discomfort on a regular basis.

A great place to start is visualisation. You need to really feel successful, you need to close your eyes and notice how it feels to be doing whatever it is you desire. This needs to be a strong sense, and you need to do the visualisation often. This tricks your brain into learning how to be your new successful self. Make this a habit and you'll find yourself walking into your future faster than you could imagine.

Ditch your usual daily routine every day. Instead, challenge yourself with activities you wouldn't normally do, such as making small talk with a random stranger, taking a different route, raising your hand in a discussion, any unthinkable actions you wouldn’t dare do before. You’ll discover the things that used to scare you are now nothing more than random actions.

Overcome Fear

Fear can be a good thing, because it prompts you to raise your guard and be cautious when you need to. But it also creates limits and can prevent you from really working to improve yourself. Often the things we are afraid to do are the things that can expand our lives. If there’s something that frightens you, try to approach it in a different way until it loses the fear factor and it gets comfortable. Research and learn more about it. The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you become.

Never think you are alone

Often, fear of being alone on our journey can add to the anxiety of doing something different and taking risks. The perceived risk of failure seems more scary, perhaps we will be alone in our failure.

I've learned it can help a lot to have people who understand the journey you are on. I've grown my circle to include numerous entrepreneurs and freedom business owners. It's helped me greatly to have such a huge network of people who I can turn to and ask advise. These people also share the emotional journey of entrepreneurship. So when I'm having an off day, or feeling like something isn't working for me, I have someone nearby who is also going through something similar. I've got lots of people to push me back up, provide encouragement and support. I've definitely found it beneficial to have the support of mentors and coaches on my journey, I don't know what I'd have done, or if indeed I'd still be in business, without them!

So where are you on your journey? Are you an island, or have you got a great network? If you'd like someone to share your journey beyond your comfort zone, and gain support from someone who's been through it all before, I'd love to help you out. I would love to share your journey to become fearless, break out of the bubble and seizing the opportunities you have around you, so you can develop your freedom lifestyle, and enjoy the future you desire!

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