If life is boring, perhaps you need begin goal setting

Is Your Life Boring? Maybe It’s Time to Start Injecting Goal Setting into your Life!

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Nov 13

Is Your Life Boring? Maybe it's Time to Start Injecting Goals into your Life

DJ Schwartz once said, "Energy increases, multiplies, when you set a desired goal and resolve to work toward that goal. People, millions of them, can find new energy by selecting a goal and giving all they've got to accomplish that goal. Goals cure boredom. Goals even cure many chronic ailments."

As I began piecing my life back together, I became extremely goal focused. I created a list of 101 goals to achieve before I die. These gave my life purpose and focus. Ever since I've always been actively pursuing a handful of these goals.

At one point, in 2014, after completing my Bachelors Degree and marrying in Rarotonga, I found myself lost, bored. Perhaps even borderline depressed!? I couldn't understand the change in myself. I didn't know what had happened to make me feel that way. I started evaluating myself, meditating and writing. I quickly discovered the source of my discontent. I wasn't actively pursuing anything. For the past three years my life had been filled with constant study, writing, planning travel, then wedding planning. And when it all stopped, so did I! As soon as I recognised the problem, I consulted my 101 goal list and "Live overseas for a year" jumped off the page. I knew then and there that was the next big focus for the next few years!

As a result of this discovery, I'm always careful to ensure I'm working on at least three projects from my 101 list. There are usually around two small items that I am working on, to complete in the short term. There will often be one or two for the mid term, and currently I am actively working on 2 longer-term plans!

I've also got a few going on in the background, which I am focused on, but they aren't priority, they aren't being actively pursued, yet they keep moving forward as things are ticked off. It's an incredible experience to watch your life develop in front of your eyes!!

"When you surrender yourself to your desires, when you let yourself become obsessed with a goal, you receive the physical power, energy; and enthusiasm needed to accomplish your goal. But you receive something else, something equally valuable. You receive the ‘automatic instrumentation’ needed to keep you going straight to your objective," DJ Schwartz said.

This is hinting on the incredible power of your brain. Your brain is continually processing more information than you are aware of. It's lying in your subconscious. When you are focused on what you need to achieve something, your brain will work hard to piece together the puzzle so you can win! Your subconscious effectively guides you in the direction you need to go to achieve your goals!

Setting goals and focusing on them is not just about the result; it’s even more about the experiences and the learnings we collect along the way. Our goals are important in terms of providing us the impetus to make that much-desired change in our lives. When we become successful, the energy radiates, we gain confidence and start to take greater strides and be a better version of the person we used to be.

So are you ready to live an interesting life now? What’s killing the excitement? Share your story!

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