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Ideas to get testimonials and free outsourcing

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Jun 03

Ideas to get testimonials and free outsourcing

Starting out takes time. You are doing so much. There's set up the website, content creation, excessive amounts of learning and networking. The list goes on. Sometimes there is just too much for one, or even a small team, to get done in a timely fashion. When this happens, you need to figure out how to get others to share your load.

My mentor talked a lot about making lists of task that need work, then looking for ways to have other people complete them for you. One great tip is to get students to do the work for you. Often they need to do the work for a portfolio, or perhaps for an assignment. It is a great opportunity to receive some services for free. This is particularly relevant for photography, film and sound production! They often are happy to do the work and receive testimonials.

Another great option for service businesses is reaching out to businesses at a similar development level, where you can mutually benefit one another. A service swap is a wonderful way for you both to practice your skills, get testimonials, and receive a service that you might otherwise pay for.

I love the idea of having certain tasks I despise done for me. And I am more than happy to provide business coaching in return for these services! It works out a wonderful win/win. The testimonials you receive are icing on the cake. 

For me, social media was one of my biggest time drains. It was so necessary, yet I'd end up spending a few precious hours a week doing it. Although I really enjoyed writing the quotes and questions for the coming month out, I really didn't enjoy scheduling, searching for imagery, and creating beautiful content for my followers.​

I had the voice covered, but the artistic side was really slowing me down. I started looking for a way to do it free. I looked at taking up a one month free offer, but then something occurred to me, I had access to a wonderful SMM through an existing joint venture. I decided to ask if she would be interested to receive business coaching ​in return for her service. I now have my social media managed for me. I still contribute with my words a​nd voice, but I get to skip out on the parts I don't enjoy. How great is that?? The outcome was perfect, a success, and it made me feel fantastic. 

What are your experiences with getting outsourcing free? Have you tried a service swap before? Is it something you are interested in trying??

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