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How to Become Fearless

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Apr 15

How to Become Fearless

Becoming fearless (for me anyway) is staring your demons straight in the face and understanding them.

Sure. I haven't had demons as bad as some people. Sure, there's plenty of people out there who have experienced something 100 or even 1,000 times worse than what I've been through.

However, I did hate my life. I was depressed and suicidal. I did want out. I did hit my rock bottom.

Back then I blamed my external situation. However, looking back it is easy to see I created that reality in many ways.

Confronting my demons allowed me to own my story. Doing this allowed me to see the truth as to how I created that reality.

Back then, my truth was, I hated myself. Even if I didn't know it. Back then, I was unhappy, believing I'd only be happy with a perfect external reality.

Back then, I had no idea.

It was my false happiness and my low self worth that attracted and then multiplied my really awful circumstances.

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After experiencing my pain, I had two choices. I could stay miserable and bitter, in a victim space, or I could do something about it for the future of myself and my children.

I chose to take action.

I started working on me. Who i was and who I wanted to be.

It meant looking deeply into my pain, lifting it up, staring at it from every perspective that I could find.

It meant reliving it more than a few times, in many different ways.

And through the confrontation of my past I found freedom for my future. The more I wrote it out the less power it had over me. The more I confronted it, the less I felt the impacts of it. The more I confronted it, the easier it became for me to let go.

Through confronting my demons, accepting the part I played in attracting that to my life, in forgiving the situation and circumstances and in finding compassion for myself and the father of my kids, I found my freedom which led me to my incredible life and the future I'm creating.

So what does this mean for you?

If you're holding onto pain from your past, you are allowing it to poison your current reality. To take ownership of your future, you need to dig deep, stare those demons in the face and realise they can't continue to hurt you, unless you allow them to.

In the moment you release your demons, you will find your power. You will have become fearless. And this is where you will find your freedom 💝

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