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Give Your Children a Headstart on Their Future Business

By melissawiringi | Freedom Family Lifestyle

Apr 19

Give Your Children a Head Start on Their Future Business

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The future looks very different to the past 20, 30 or even 50 years. It is set in uncertainty and change. It is rapidly developing and exciting for those willing to embrace change. But it is a very scary place for those set in 'old ways'.

Our children will inherit the world we are creating. Today and in the future, this means life will be 'done' online. Work will be online and business is online! 

Set your children up with the opportunity to grow their brand (when they are interested), and their possibilities are endless.

If you're a parent, it's very likely you've heard of 'Ryan's Toy Reviews', a YouTube channel by a self-made child millionaire.

I know my kids are keen online YouTubers and the next generation of internet entrepreneurs too. That's why I'm giving them a head start by securing their social media profiles and domains before someone else buys them!  

I've found NameCheap to be the best pricing on domains (and I've tried and tested too many to mention!).

But if your kids are ready to go and get set up (or maybe you are ready for your piece of online real estate), then I recommend SiteGround for hosting (click here for current offers). 

Whats the Difference Between A Domain and Hosting?

A domain is like the 'shop name' and hosting is like the 'lease for the store'. You need to own the domain, otherwise someone else can buy it. The hosting is essentially space on the internet - so you don't need this until you are setting up your blog / website or online presence.

Web Hosting

I've been hosting with SiteGround for about two years now (after moving from multiple other hosts on recommendation from one of my favourite bloggers). This is the only one I'll ever recommend again, due to the AMAZING support, ease of use and speed. Their team is always willing to go over and above to help you with your site set up. And this is superior to the majority of the other hosting platforms out there.

If you want your children to own their domain in the future, there isn't a better time to go get it and give them a head start so they have the option to brand themselves when they are ready to do so! 

Let me know! Are you interested in giving your children a head start by registering their domain?

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