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Forming Your Ideal Lifestyle Business

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Apr 10

Forming Your Ideal Lifestyle Business Concept

Help?! Where do I start? How do I start? I don’t know (yet) what I want to do, but I want a lifestyle business!

These are some of the thoughts I had throughout January and February 2017. I began anyway, not really knowing what I was doing, or where I was going. I’m an ideas person. I had a thousand little business ideas I want to try, I didn’t have a clue how to make any of them work.

I needed direction, and finding it was difficult. If you are struggling for direction, it is a good idea to get to know yourself. One way to begin this process is start making a list. Write down all of your passions, hobbies, skills and interests. You could compile this list over a week or so, and jot down ideas as you notice enjoyment. Ideally, the list should have 30 or so items. This will give you a bigger picture of what areas you could focus your business on. You may have skills or talents you could combine with your passions to make a very unique business.

You can also list your pain points. Perhaps you have experienced something or gone through a life event and you have come out the other side. You might have experience you could share to educate others. Or perhaps there is something you wish you could fix, that could be a clue for a business idea!

Meditation is another great way to tap into yourself. It is also a great tool for improving your brain function and performance. If you haven’t tried meditation before, there are a couple of great apps to help you start. I use Smiling Mind and Insight Timer. Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!

If you feel like you are still a bit unsure of who you are, you could try something new. You never know what new talent or hobby you might discover!

Next, you should examine your values. Look at who you are and what you believe to be important. Look at your every day life. How do you spend your time and money? Check your lists match up, if they don’t, examine what you need to change.

Another great way to develop your business idea is to write out your purpose. For some, this can be a difficult task. In the book, Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love, by Kate James, there is a tip for working out purpose, take 30 minutes and a blank piece of paper. Write, “My purpose is…” and answer it. Write it over and over again for the full thirty minutes. Aim for at least 20 lines. You will notice your purpose evolve, it will become clearer and more focused.

Lastly, add a unique twist to your business. What causes are you passionate about? Do you want to end poverty (I do)? Do you want to clean the oceans? Do you want to help disadvantaged youth? Or help single parents? There are numerous causes and finding one that ties in with who you are can be a wonderful way to create a point of difference for your organisation. It may be a compelling reason for a potential client to buy from you, rather than a competitor!

Hopefully, after all your efforts, you will have a picture of what your lifestyle business could look like. At the very least, you will have identified what you enjoy. With a bit of reflection, and perhaps some more meditation, you will begin to form a concept for your lifestyle business.

Your next step will be creating a business name, registering a domain and putting together your lifestyle business plan. But we will save that for another day!

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