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Don’t Let Your Dreams Die Unfulfilled

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Mar 20

Don't Let Your Dreams Die Unfulfilled


We all had dreams growing up. Some of us dreamed of being millionaires, some dreamed of being authors, some dreamed of travelling to exotic places (I dreamed of all three)! Some of us dreamed of big families, others dreamed of fulfilling careers. Some dreamed of owning a nice car, others dreamed of a nice boat or yacht. Some dreamed of building a home, or living beside the ocean. Some dreamed of owning a farm filled with horses, others dreamed of endless winters. Some dreamed of becoming an investor or business owner and some dreamed of a specialised career.

And then, for most of us, something happened. Life. Which ment many of us put our dreams on a shelf, something for later on, 'one day'.

Some, sadly, never look back at their dreams again.

For me, life happened. I grew up. My childhood dream was to be an author, my dad told me, 'You can't make money as an writer.' So I pushed that dream to the furtherest corner on my shelf. I figured after I was successful I would write a book (perhaps). I set out on a quest to find something new, something that would make me money. I developed a dream to become a millionaire, owning businesses, investing in real estate and travelling the world. 

I did a lot of learning in the years before I became a mother. I knew understanding business was everything. But eventually, I chose to have a family and slow down my dreams. They would come, 'one day'.

My 'one day' came after my world came crashing down. My dreams were shattered. A nightmare had unfolded around me. I'd lost Melissa. I'd let a toxic relationship take me down. The psychological abuse tore me to pieces and depression took the rest. 

I wished I could fall from the face of the earth. I thought I'd failed life.

In a very short space of time I became someone I never wanted, imagined or thought I'd become.

  • I became a solo mother of a toddler and a newborn
  • I was a victim of domestic violence
  • I was suffering from depression
  • I was reliant on welfare barely making ends meet
  • I was forced to move from my home with nothing
  • I had lost my sense of self
  • I'd lost my self worth
  • I didn't believe in myself
  • I didn't know who I was
  • I'd lost my dreams 
  • I was deeply unhappy

I called myself a dead man walking. I no longer believed my dreams were possible.

And for this I am eternally grateful.

Because it was in the years I invested in rebuilding myself and my life, that brought my greatest dreams to life.

Out of my ashes, I had an opportunity to be reborn. And this is one of life's greatest blessings. I could have wallowed in sadness, anger and bitterness, but instead I decided to seek myself and discover happiness.

I rediscovered my dreams. I found happiness. I began writing again. My once buried dreams began springing to life.

Since my darkest moments, I've created more dreams and started a process to bring them to life. 

Each day, I take a step in the direction of my dreams. Sometimes they seem so very far away. But as time ticks on, I can look back and see that I've made progress.

I talked to my husband about his dreams. He dreamed of making music and becoming rich. He is finally in a space where he is motivated and committed to pursue his lifelong dreams.

But we realised, it is much easier to simply shelve our dreams. It is easier to live life in comfort within the societal norms we have created.

It is easier to live in the box we allow ourselves to be placed in.

The sad reality about this is people live an unsatisfied life. When our childhood dreams pop up, we often squash them. We write them off as unrealistic or impossible. And that is a tragedy to our world. Because unfulfilled dreams die within us. Our unexpressed self is the biggest waste of a life on this earth.

We are all here for a purpose. Your dreams are your clues to your purpose. So don't let you dreams die unfulfilled. Seize every opportunity to make your dreams your reality.

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