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CRM Systems to Improve Communication with your Clients

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Jun 27

CRM Systems to Improve Communication with your Clients

A conversation that came up a few times this week is communication management for current and potential clients. In service industries frequently communicate with multiple clients, and occasionally it becomes difficult to remember the details of each case! 

A ​CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System will greatly improve the quality of your communication with clients and it will help to ensure you provide quality service. Your clients will feel loved (not forgotten), and happy clients means referrals!

Communicate well and you'll have happy clients

Here are five reasons to get yourself a CRM system to help you manage communication with your client base!​

  1. A basic CRM system allows you to track communication. 
    No more wondering what your last conversation was about, no more searching endlessly for those notes you wrote last time. No more wondering when they last replied. It's all in one place!
  2. All your relevant clients information and details are stored in one easy to manage place.
    No more notes scattered in various different places! No more feeling lost, no more emails saying, sorry, but can you please remind me what you thought about ...?
  3. Email Tracking
    You'll receive notifications about when an email is opened which means you'll have an idea of who might be a hot lead, and who might not be so interested (someone who doesn't open your emails).
  4. Categorise your leads.
    You can identify who is a warm lead, so you can follow up often. You can also see who you've made offers to and perhaps waiting for a response. It's great to know what stage each client is in your sales process.
  5. Follow ups
    Your CRM will allow you to schedule reminders which means it will send you reminders when you need to call or email a client. You won't be left wondering how long it's been until you need to contact your client again, and you won't have to think, "Opps, forgot about Mary this week!"
CRM systems to improve your communcation

In conclusion, a CRM system will help support your business systems. It will help improve your communication and improve your service levels.

For those of you starting out, you can look at Hubspot CRM or Insightly CRM, both of these are free!! I suggest giving one or both of them a go (definitely get the Hubspot tracking add on), to discover how they can help your business. Regardless of the system you use, it is a great idea to have some kind of system in place to support your communication. 

Have you used a different CRM system? What do you like or dislike about what you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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