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Start with I

Start with I, is a journey toward happiness, loving relationships and peace. Possibly the greatest opportunity for humankind to transform our world.

  • Have you ever felt worthless or unloved?
  • Have you ever felt like there should be something MORE to this meaningless life?
  • Have you ever felt that you've failed in the game of life? 

What if I told you that each person here has a purpose, and we are all searching for our identity, only we are searching in the wrong places? 

Start with I - First cover - Melissa Wiringi, Author - Inspirational Speaker

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What I've discovered is that we all deeply desire happiness and loving relationships, and that this desire is really who we are at our depths. What I have learned is that we can rediscover our truest selves and by doing so, we have an opportunity to change the future of humankind.

My name is Melissa Wiringi, and in the nine years since I freed myself and my children from drug-fuelled violence, I've committed myself to the pursuit of happiness, love and peace. In doing so, I've discovered happiness and fulfillment. I've also fallen out of alignment and experienced burnout. Throughout my journey, there has always been a pattern, a downward spiral, then a recognition that there is a better way, an outward search, then a feeling of loss of alignment. This spurs me toward reconnecting with my true self, and most recently has led me to study A Course in Miracles while also reading the bible and numerous other spiritual texts. 

Start with I - Melissa Wiringi - Author - Inspirational Speaker

In this book, Start with I, I share my wisdom, the recognition that we have the potential to live any life that we wish for, but we do need to deeply identify with ourselves first. It is imperative we discover a way to undo the fear lead decision making that we have been conditioned with, and teach ourselves to lead with love. This means freedom for self and humanity. 

Now, more than ever, humanity is being impacted by fear led decisions. We are at a cross road, a point in time where we can continue on a path of ever increasing pain and suffering or we can make a choice, and make a change to begin a new way of living, with new habits and choices that are made based on love.

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