Free Ebook: Domestic Violence on Ice

How I transformed my shattered dream into a happy and inspirational story
A compelling story of love, lies, drugs, paranoia, depression and eventually violence which transformed into an inspirational and happy life.
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    Deep, dark and honest: Melissa opens her heart to walk you through some of the darkest moments in her life
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    Showing how to move forward: She shares how she eventually made the decision to leave and rebuild her life 
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    Inspirational: Melissa's story inspires the reader as she shows the dramatic transformation from victim to a woman in her power achieving her greatest dreams



What People Are Saying


Louisa Erickson

"Amazing perspective. Some sadness and heartache that any reader will experience but finishes in an overcoming in life that we can aspire to. Really good read for anyone man or women who is going through a touch time in their relationships or family."

Jordan Hetterley-Ngaia 

What an inspirational read! The courage and drive you have Melissa Wiringi makes me speechless for words. Your journey and art of writing and words had my eyes glued to your book and found myself struggling to put it down.

Many people don’t speak up as they struggle to grasp reality themselves this is a must read I know a few of you who could really benefit from this book take the time out, to get your hands on this book sit down and read it. Gather your thoughts start making positive changes and chase your dreams.

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