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Domestic Violence on Ice

Domestic Violence on Ice was published in October, 2017. It is an inspirational story recounting Melissa's deepest emotions travelling through a relationship that became affected by drug-fuelled violence during her second pregnancy. She leaves no door unopened, allowing you to walk through her darkest moments.

Melissa shares her story of the following years rebuilding her life to become the woman she dreamed of being. In the years that followed, Melissa sought to find her true being, resulting in her achieving many of her lifelong goals and dreams. 

Since rebuilding her life, Melissa has lived in many places she had once only ever dreamed of, travelled, enjoyed a dream tropical island wedding with her new husband and children, and added a third child to her family. She has completed her studies, a Bachelor in Business Information and Diploma in Applied writing, and achieved her greatest goal becoming a published author.

This is a truly inspirational story, and helps those who are struggling to see that anything is possible.

Melissa has been reading the book on YouTube. Click the link below to watch.

Start with I

Start with I - First cover - Melissa Wiringi, Author - Inspirational Speaker

Temporary cover - design in progress

Melissa is currently writing her second book, Start with I. 

This book is about escaping a mediocre reality, and diving into the possibilities of a more fulfilling, happy and loving life. It teaches us that we need to dive into our deepest self to discover our truth, and helps with the realisation that love and happiness is what we were created for. 

This book will take you step-by-step through Melissa's process to find yourself and go forward to achieve your most successful life, free from fear.

Other upcoming books

Melissa has recently contributed a chapter in an upcoming co-written book and she is  awaiting information on the confirmed title and release date.

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