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An Introduction to Knowledge Management

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Jul 10

An Introduction to Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is an enormous topic, however on a basic, business level, you can look at it like a process of storing all of your intellectual assets, your knowledge, your learning, your perceptions, processes, procedures and all the elements of your business plan. It is every detail of your business and how it is run. 

A Standard Operating Procedure (​or SOP) documents the way a process is carried out. It is detailed so no point is unclear. These procedures are important because they provide the instructions to ensure a task is carried out completely and accurately!

As a solopreneur, you may wonder why you might want to have these things documented. After all, your daily operations are the tasks you do frequently. They are things that you don't have to think about and you just do them.

Knowledge is power

However, if you are planning on creating a lifestyle business, hopefully your goal is to gradually and eventually step away from the day to day running of your business.

When you document your processes clearly and accurately, someone, either an employee or a VA can step in, follow your instructions and have no need to contact you on every task for clarification. The instructions should tell the complete story.

Often, processes aren't documented completely and accurately, or there are issues of redundant information where a user may not know which process to follow because one has been updated, and another has not!

If your processes aren't documented well, you'll find hiring staff a challenge, because they are going to rely on you and what's inside your head. They are going to call you or email you frequently for clarification, and this quite often defeats the purpose of hiring!

Your goal for knowledge management is to pull all of the content, every step of what you do, out of your head and document it so anyone can step into your business and work independently!

Is knowledge management something you've considered for your business? Is it something you would like to understand more? I'd love your feedback, so leave your comments below! ​

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