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Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Jun 17

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now

I've noticed a few key lessons I refer to often, lessons that are etching themselves into my permanent way of thinking. A Course in Miracles is changing the way that I live, it is changing the way I think, and it is training me to become more peaceful. Here are six amazing lessons you can start to live by right now!

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

1. There is another way of looking at the world

This lesson comes from A Course in Miracles, Lesson number 33. It is a great reminder that sometimes we begin to look only at what it in front of us, perhaps what it in the news or media, perhaps what is troubling us or what we are noticing difficulty in.

I try to refer to this one when my surroundings are getting the better of me. I think to myself, there is another way to look at the world. We are all God's creation, we are all love. When I attempt to look at everyone and a reflection of myself, I remember we are all the same at our core. 

We all have a choice. I can look around and see problems, people who I disagree with, behaviours I disagree with, leaders I disagree with, OR I can look around and see humans with a core purpose to be happy, peaceful and loving creatures. I can look around and see people that are searching to connect with their core again. I can look around and see we are all here as amazing creations, magnificent each in our own ways. And in doing so, the world becomes beautiful again, as it really is!! 

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

2. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world

I discovered this through A Course in Miracles, Lesson number 62. This is a lesson I particularly enjoy, because it helps me return to my true, peaceful and loving nature. 

When I hold onto forgiveness as who I am, I recognise it is vital to release any negativity which may creep in throughout the day. 

Judgement doesn't help us, we are not here to cause distress, we are not here to cause discomfort, we are not here to feel guilt and blame. We are here to love, and this means we need to find a quick willingness to forgive.

Forgiveness is a beautiful gift and it is something which can greatly transform the world. This is one lesson I deeply believe in, because it was through extending a willingness to forgive the father of my older children, that I found my inner peace. It was that decision that helped me to free myself from anger and suffering. It is something worthy of reminder every day.

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

3. I am as God created me

Lesson number 94 from A Course in Miracles helped me to see myself as I truly am. When I started these lessons, I realised I wasn't valuing myself as much as I thought I did. I began to see that as God's creation, I am love. I am created in love. I am free. 

Sometimes we have a tendency to judge ourselves or attribute ourselves based on the conditioning we received throughout our childhood. We think of ourselves as "not good enough" or "not worthy" of something. But the reality is, we are created as peaceful, loving beings. 

To return to our loving identities, we need to lay down our false identities, those attributes which learn to list as our identity, and just be. 

As I like to say in my upcoming book, Start with I, "Self-love is seeing yourself as God created you." 

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

4. Forgiveness is the key to happiness

This lesson in A Course in Miracles, (Lesson number 121) helps us to recognise the benefit we receive when we forgive. I cannot emphasise the value of forgiveness for us. We don't always forgive for the benefit of the other person, we forgive to benefit ourselves. By giving forgiveness, we receive peace. It is when we are peaceful we become aware of the happiness within. 

When we hold onto negativity, we can experience anger, frustration, racing thoughts, anxiety and fear. These inner states prevent us from feeling light and free and happy. 

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I will awaken from the 
dream that I am mortal, fallible and full of sin, and know 
I am the perfect Son of God. - A Course in Miracles, Lesson 121.

It means we also need to forgive ourselves. We need to realise that holding onto negative emotion toward ourselves isn't serving any positive purpose, and it is not helping us move towards humanity's purpose of happiness, peace and love. 

Once we can forgive ourselves and others often, we find freedom and happiness. A beautiful state of light. It can totally transform life, and it is an absolute blessing to see life this way! 

5 Amazing Lessons to Live By Right Now - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

5. If I defend myself I am attacked

To help keep myself in a peaceful state of mind, I like to refer to A Course in Miracles, Lesson number 135. This one is a treat! Defensiveness is something most of us would be familiar with. Especially those of us who have been in abusive or controlling relationships. 

I'm naturally drawn to a state of defensiveness and I often find myself trying to explain myself. When I examine this, I can see a pattern. I used to do this a lot because I perceived a situation to be escalating toward violence. I would notice an oncoming attack and begin to explain or defend my position. This became a habit over time, and now it is something I find difficult to completely shake.

The truth is, our strength lies in our defencelessness. When we are able to be open, and not feel we need to defend ourselves, we are demonstrating a true strength. It is an achievement to reach a state of peace where nothing can sway you to defensiveness. When we can achieve this, we are free from fear, we realise our strength is in our ability to forgive, find gratitude and extend compassion. 

Achieving this state of mind, is achieving our highest potential, and this helps us to also fulfil humanity's purpose.

What Amazing Lessons Have you Discovered?

These are some of the most inspiring lessons I've come across. They have helped me to shift my perspective, they have helped me to see ways around my anger and they have helped me to see hope for a beautiful future. I realise these amazing lessons could help change the world. 

What amazing lessons have you discovered? Is there anything you've learned that has dramatically changed your life? 

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