Amateur home schooling travel mishap #1 | Melissa A. Wiringi

Amateur home schooling travel mishap #1

By melissawiringi

May 13

On Saturday the kids and I travelled to New Zealand. We were trying to be prepared. Our flight wasn’t leaving until mid day, so we arrived to the airport at 9.30am. I thought we would have plenty of time. We checked in, my medical clearance for my pregnancy was ok.

We sat down to have breakfast and coffee with my husband before going through customs.I guessed 10.30am would be a great time to go through the customs, and entered to find an empty queue. How lucky for us. I stood on the other side as I watched our bags pass through the scanners. I laughed to myself as I saw the xray screen. It showed two pairs of scissors in a pencil case which I completely overlooked while packing, opps. So we were parked in line for a while, I didn’t really notice the time pass by. I explained to Noah and Aaliyah we wouldn’t be able to take the scissors back to NZ, and we would get some new ones when we arrived in Auckland. My daughter told me she didn’t like the man, she thought he shouldn’t take the scissors because Noah was only using them for school. I explained to her he was just doing his job.

The scissors were confiscated, and we stood in front of the departures screen to find our departure gate. We found our gate, number 60, was a 9 minute walk and already boarding. Oh no. We set off for our gate, as fast as we could. At 36 weeks pregnant, I could only go so fast with the kids in tow. As we approached the gate, we were those people getting paged across the airport PA system. I laughed, it had never happened to me before, but we were there, we made it. We were the last to board, opps, sorry other passengers!

I learned my first home schooling travel lesson. While home schooling, leave the scissors (and other sharp items) in the checked baggage and try not to miss the flight. We still departed on time and had a great ride back to our home country. Beautiful NZ. More posts to come soon!!

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