About Melissa | Melissa A. Wiringi


Hi! My name is Melissa, 

I'm a freedomprenuer, published Author and Inspirational Speaker.

I'm passionate about helping conscious creatives and adventurous families break through fear and create free and fulfilling lifestyles with multiple streams of income.

Set your spirit free... Enjoy the journey of your life.

During my childhood I'd developed low self-worth and as a teen, I felt like I didn't belong anywhere, so I searched for someone to fill my inner darkness.

I  became addicted to falling in love.

My journey of transformation began in 2009 after I left drug-fuelled violence with my newborn and toddler. I was suffering depression, low self-worth, and a loss of my identity.

Watching someone I loved so dearly self destruct under pressure drained me. I felt devastated for the loss of my dream of a warm loving home for my children. When I eventually left, with a small baby and a toddler, I had completely lost my identity.

I thought  I had failed life

I am fortunate to look back at those times with gratitude, because they have shaped me into the strong, inspirational and happy woman I have become.

My darkness was the catalyst for something new, my transformation and the discovery of happiness, forgiveness, peace and compassion which has led me along nine years studying spiritual and personal development texts. 

It's also led me on a freedom seeking journey unlike anything I could've imagined. We now unschool our kids, own a successful online business and we are ready to set off on a never-ending journey of learning and discovery. This is beyond my wildest imagination only a few years ago.

I've achieved many of my lifelong goals, some of which I never would have believed could become reality in the early days of becoming a solo mother.

I've lived in places I barely dared to dream of. I moved overseas with my children to live in some of the most beautiful areas of Sydney and surrounds, I completed my Bachelor in Business Information, I completed my Diploma in Applied Writing, I've travelled through Europe and I married my best friend and wonderful husband in the beautiful Cook Islands. We have since welcomed a third child into our family and are working toward living in Spain!

Melissa Wiringi - Author and Inspirational Speaker

One of my greatest dreams was to become an author, which became reality in 2017 when I published my first book, Domestic Violence on Ice - How I transformed my shattered dream into an inspirational story.

I'm now writing my second book, Start with I, which shares my process to achieve a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life by nurturing the spirit first to transform the inner world and, therefore, the outer world. Perceptions of failure become opportunities, fears become love, belief and persistence will result in achievement and the realisation life's possibilities are endless. 

With this work, I've been fortunate to share my story on stages around NSW, and I am always looking for more opportunities to inspire audiences. If you have an event coming up I'd love to hear from you!

Melissa On YouTube

Melissa's YouTube is filled with inspiration, book readings and useful information you can use to uplift and up-level your life. All her video content is available by clicking the link below.

Today I offer services from one-off coaching, to my six-week transformation package where we work on healing, manifestation and abundance techniques and tools to help you on the journey to bring your life into reality.

I also love my signature program, Empire State of Mind, where I work with clients to develop their freedom business in a way that suits them.

This may mean an automated affiliate system or a mix of affiliate and online services (like I have in my business). It may also mean really digging deep in the brand work, to establish my client as a thought leader or authority figure in their field which is something that I have worked on throughout my business life. 

All of these services and business systems help me achieve my dream to help people design the life of their dreams through healing, manifesting and abundance tools - and of course, the freedom business vehicle to bring it to fruition!

If you feel called to work with me, I'd love to talk. Let's get on a call today and see how I can help you create the life of your dreams too.

I'm now working on a new set of my lifelong goals. I have my freedom business running which will allow us to travel full time later in 2019. ​

I have set my intention for my second book to become a bestseller and I'm excited to speak at events around the world.

This year we will explore a little more of Australia before setting off to Asia and Spain. We also have Fiji, Japan and Hawaii written down. You can follow me on social media to see our journey unfold!! 

If you'd like to find out how you can build an automated freedom business for you and your family, click the button below and you'll be able to register for an upcoming webinar, or watch a replay.