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A Poetic Covid Thought

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Aug 16

A Poetic Covid Thought

Some say it’s real.
Some say it’s fake.
Some call it a conspiracy.
Watching the news that one time was my mistake.

Some say lock yourselves in
Some say we have a right to be free
Some say it’s Bill Gates.
And I’m just trying to be me

The thing about this
All this anger, strife and pain
It’s tearing our world apart
The fear has taken over humanity’s brain

I’m still here, trying to navigate this new world
Trying to forget it’s upside down
Why is everyone so determined to be right?
Why are we upside down?

Can’t we all be wrong and let that be right?
Can’t we all accept this is a new world and let go of control?
Can’t we all just get along?
Do we really need angry, nasty humans and internet trolls?

There’s racism, there’s anger, there’s judgment, there’s hate.
I’m sad to say, it’s all looking the same.
Choose your side conformist or rebels
Then fight online about who is right and who is stupid (it’s all insane)

It makes me think.
Do you think?
Is it ok to speak lowly of someone because they don’t agree with your world view?
Is it ok to attack the people who are “woke” or “asleep”?
I don’t think it’s right. Do you?

What did Covid teach me?
It taught me that we aren’t evolved after all.
It taught me we are still living in an illusion.
Let me go butt my head against a brick wall.

What lessons?
The division, the separation, the oppression.
It will keep repeating until we can all see through the illusion.
Judgement is simply a reflection, the egos expression.

Will your dependents be the oppressed or the oppressors?
Will your grandchildren look back at the others and say,
‘But your families did this to us’?
‘Our families did that to them’?
It’s not right either way.

We have this gift.
The gift is love.
We are one.
From up above.

Now is our time.
We can rise together.
Sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
Let’s live in peace forever.

The solution is simple
Accept what this is
A lesson in change and acceptance
You can’t control this

You can control your mind, heart and soul
It’s time for peace and freedom
All of this starts somewhere simple.
It Starts Within.

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