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6 Reasons You Need a Business Coach

By melissawiringi | Freedom Business

Aug 25

6 Reasons You Need a Business Coach

Once you’ve taken the entrepreneurial leap and have the perfect idea in mind, you may think that success is just within reach.

But as a new business owner, everything around you is new. The transition from being an expert in a particular job to becoming an all-around organisational leader can be pretty scary. As passionate, driven and dedicated as you are, achieving success may not be that easy. The business world moves fast and you have to stay competitive. It's important to continuously innovate, apply business strategies, generate sales and market your products and services aggressively.

You can only go so far on you own, eventually you'll need to invest in someone to support, challenge, motivate, and focus you. Your business coach will help make sense of things.

A business coach is not a luxury only big organisations can afford. In fact, small business owners like yourself have more to benefit from business coaches. They provide you an objective view of your business, mentor you, and offer you business guidance every step of the way. Here are 6 benefits of having a business coach.


When you are overwhelmed with everything around you, it becomes difficult to prioritise. And when you can’t focus, you lose sight of your goals. A business coach will help you determine which areas are you key focus areas on as you work through a program. This ensures you spend time and effort on areas of your business which help you achieve your goals. You will become more productive and fully utilise your talents.

Direction / goal setting

The success of your venture lies heavily on how you set your goals. A business coach works closely with you in setting realistic goals and helping you take the necessary steps to actualise these goals. They also hold you accountable each week or fortnight. It is much easier to tell yourself, "oh I can catch up next week" than to report back to your coach, "I missed my target because I felt lazy"!


You may be passionate about what you’re doing but there are times when you will feel discouraged or stuck in a rut. Sometimes your goal may sound unreachable. But as a business coach, I’m here to remind you that the impossible can be possible. A business coach will support you, and encourage you, uplift you, motivate you and build your confidence. What I love most is showing business owners anything is possible and they can become the excellent leaders that they aspire to be by continually working on their mindset and personal development.


Your business is technically just you. It’s easy to falter and get sidetracked from your goals when you have no one to be accountable to. But a business coach will hold you accountable to defining and executing your goals and make sure you stay on track. Nothing is more motivating than having someone provide you with action steps and check on your progress every once in a while.

Encouragement to overcome self limiting beliefs

Sometimes you can only see five steps in front of you. My job as a coach involves helping you see your true potential. I love being able to show a client just how profitable they can become just by playing with a few simple numbers. I love to inspire my clients to see a vision that is bigger than they thought possible. I particularly enjoy the moments when my clients realise the big "impossible" vision really is possible. I want to free you of self-limiting beliefs and empower you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Assistance with Business Planning

Your goal is to turn your dreams into reality. A business coach shares the same goal. You may have brilliant ideas for your business but sometimes you don’t know where to start. As a business coach, I work closely with clients in evaluating business plans, assess whether they are achievable and map out a plan on how you can execute them properly. 

Just like the best athletes in the world who regularly receive coaching, you too can gain immense benefits by hiring a business coach to bring out your best. Are you ready to get your business moving forward?

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