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5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Jun 10

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You.

Being raised by mere mortals can sometimes put us to a little disadvantage. We receive conditioning daily as we grow up, and by the time we reach adulthood, some of us don't even realise our voice that keeps telling us we aren't good enough, or we are going to fail, it's not even our true self! Our conditioning builds the ego's voice, but there are quite a few things that your ego doesn't tell you.

Many of us don't realise we have the ability to switch this story, so we simply listen to it, and accept it as truth. But the truth is, this is not our true self and we are much more than what our ego tells us. So today, I'm going to share five things that your ego won't tell you.

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

1. You are Worthy of Your Dreams

Sometimes we have some big dreams that we really push down because we don't feel worthy. The ego says, "why me?" or "why should I think I can do that?" and then we lay our dream down, but it is still there, nagging away, a little voice in the back of our mind that won't go away. 

It is time to let the story of being unworthy go. You are totally worthy. You are worthy of your dreams. You deserve to have your dreams. And people who tell you otherwise are simply playing small because of their own fears. 

You only have one life to live, you may as well live the life you want rather than someone else's idea of what life should be like.

To get past this one, you need to change your story, and start telling yourself you are worthy, you are deserving and you can have the life you've always dreamed of. Go get your dreams!!  

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

2. You are Limitless

Any time the ego says, "I can't do (whatever it is here) because (whatever the excuse is here)", we are limiting ourselves. Self-limiting beliefs keep us stuck in our comfort zones, they prevent us from growing and expanding. And they aren't serving us well.

It is time to realise your potential as a limitless spirit. You can achieve anything you want to. And you can achieve your highest potential when you align yourself with a higher purpose. 

You are limitless, so embrace the fact that you really can have anything you dream of, you simply need to believe it and start planning it! 

Any time you hear yourself saying, "I can't" and "because", you need to check yourself!! Examine yourself. Keep asking yourself "why?" How badly do you want your dreams? Don't let your self-limitations stop you. Find other people doing what you dream of, and you'll begin to see that your "impossible" is actually very possible and realistic.

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

3. Your Idea is Amazing

If you have a great idea you'd like to try, and then you look around and see there are already plenty of people doing this thing, you may feel a little disheartened. Perhaps this is the point you begin to walk away from your dream idea.

Wake up call... YES, other people are totally doing your thing. The difference is they are doing it THEIR way, and when you accept the challenge, you will begin to do it YOUR way.

The fact others are working on your idea, it is actually a good thing. It means that perhaps people actually want what you have to offer.

When you stop yourself from doing something because it is already done, start believing in yourself because you will bring something unique to the mix, and this makes it worth it!

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

4. You are Enough

Sometimes our ego tells us we don't know enough, or we need more to be able to achieve our dreams. 

The honest truth is, you already are enough. You already know enough, you already experienced enough. You are already all you need to be to get out there and start doing what you need to do. So just start. 

You are enough, you always have been and you always will be. If you ever want to improve, do it from a place of building yourself, not filling a gap. You are enough. 

If you catch yourself feeling like you aren't already good enough, or if you start searching for something to fill a 'gap', it's time to stop. You are a limitless being, you are already all you need to be. Stop trying to fill a gap and embrace who you are.

5 Things your Ego Doesn’t Tell You - Melissa Wiringi, Author and Inspirational Speaker

5. You are Perfect, Just the Way You Are

In the land of ego, you are "too much", "too full on",, "too loud", "too quiet", "too shy", "too short/tall/fat/thin", "too abrasive", "too cold", "too intense", "too confident", "too opinionated", the list goes on.

The truth is, you are you, and you are perfect. I like to say I'm perfectly imperfect. 

No person on the face of this earth is free from imperfection, so just be you, love yourself as you are, and don't let other people's opinions bring you down.

If you catch yourself concerned with what others think or say about you, realise that what they say is only their perception. If it affects you, look at what you are saying about yourself. Once you have deep love and respect for yourself, other people's opinions won't matter so much.

So what is your ego telling you that isn't true? Remember you are love, born free from fear, and anything other than this is false. 

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