Your gift is LIFE. Own it, and make it AWESOME. | Melissa A. Wiringi

Your gift is LIFE. Own it, and make it AWESOME.

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Mar 12

Your gift is life. Own it, and make it awesome

We are all given this gift of life. I say, own it, and make it awesome.

There are a lot of people out there complaining about what life dished out to them. The reality is, that every person is touched by a struggle, sometimes multiple struggles. Understandably, these tough times can bring a person down. But to live your life miserable because you’ve been knocked down doesn’t make sense. Who wants to hit 70 and say they’ve lived 55 years of misery?

When I hit my low point, I was hurt and really angry. I threw blame around a fair bit. It didn’t get me anywhere. It didn’t help me edge closer to elusive happiness.

At some point I had to take my life by the reins and drive it. I had to own it. I read books on happiness. I did self affirmations every day “my life is awesome” was my mantra… Believe me, I felt ridiculous looking in the mirror saying “my life is awesome” over and over. The father of my children was “happily” involved with someone new (already?!?), while I was doing internal battle trying to cope with the separation and parenting my newborn and 18 month old alone. I remember going through this mantra when all three of us were sick and the kids were  vomiting everywhere. Let’s just say I thought it was hopelessly ridiculous.

Eventually the combination of daily gratitude journal entries, affirmations, writing my pain out, and reading books on happiness, spirituality, and the law of attraction began to pay off. One day I woke up and my life had finally become awesome (PS it wasn’t overnight. It took a solid year to achieve real happiness, happiness not based on another human being).

Living happy is a wonderful experience. I can wake up and feel grateful for the life of have. I truly believe gratitude for your life is important. I regularly say, love life and it’ll love you back. The happier I have become, the easier it is to attain dreams which were previously impossible. So perhaps part of the plan to achieve the impossible dream, should be happiness.

What things do you do to keep happy?

My top six happy things

  1. Be thankful for (at least) three things everyday. Even if it’s the sun is shining, the grass is green, or I can breathe! You can start an online gratitude journal at Happy Rambles.
  2. Writing. Here there and everywhere about anything. I keep most of my writing in Evernote.
  3. Dreaming. This keeps me focused on what I’m working for. It provides the basis for how I want to live my life, and the framework I put in place to achieve my dreams. I write them down and keep them in my Evernote notebook. I work to live my dreams. I don’t believe in living to work!
  4. Gatherings with loved ones. We try and have extras for dinner whenever we can. Usually a couple of times a month. It’s so nice to update friends on your next crazy adventure, or project. These are the people who love your ideas, admire your bravery to live life, and they don’t roll their eyes when you say, “I’ve shelved that idea for a bit.”
  5. Connecting with nature, someplace beautiful to you. My happy place is near an ocean. Lakes are good. But the ocean is my place to feel tranquil. Most of the places I’ve lived in my life are by the sea. The closer the better. Do you know where your place is? Maybe it is in a forest, or a park, or on top of a hill overlooking something? Go there as often as you can!
  6. Kindness. Practice kindness in all that you do. I love the site Random Acts of Kindness. It promotes kindness.

Get going, own your life and make it awesome!

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