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Aug 31

Dare to Dream

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Dare to Dream Back in August, 2010, I was a single mum. My eldest child was three, and my youngest one and a half. I had set myself goals. At the time, they were seemingly impossible dreams. I didn’t know if they would really happen in the ten years I had planned, but they were […]

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Aug 03

Finding Peace at Nan Tien Temple

By melissawiringi | Travel

Finding Peace at Nan Tien Temple I’m a peaceful person. One of my favourite books is The Art of Happiness, I usually read it at least once every year. Buddhism is something I enjoy learning about. I think it is such a beautiful religion! Ever since I moved to Sydney, I’ve wanted to visit Nan […]

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Aug 01

When a working mum blogs…

By melissawiringi | Uncategorized

When a working mum blogs…   I started this blog because I really want to get into a good habit going BEFORE we leave. And it’s also nice to start connecting with other family travellers. It makes the thought of travelling a lot less scary. I have tried really hard to spend at least three […]

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