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101 Lifetime Goals

By melissawiringi | Human Potential

Feb 14

101 Lifetime Goals

I've always had goals, but I didn't write many of them down until I read "The Key to Living the Law of Attraction" by Jack Canfield. I discovered why this list is great - it keeps you focused on a life full of achieving. You always have something to work towards. Life isn't boring because you are always moving forward.

When I wrote my list the first time, I really struggled to get even four ideas down. Since then, it has grown and I still frequently add things to my list. Each year I tick off 2-5 things, it has been a wonderful experience!! 

I recommend starting your list as soon as you can, you have your whole life ahead of you and the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless.+

My List

Most of my list was written from 2009 onwards. When I wrote it down, I took some of my older goals that I knew I had. So "live in Sydney" was something I'd already done and achieved, but it was also something I wanted to do again! 

I try to review each season, and update when needed! 


  1. Touch every continent
    Europe 2013
    North America 1998
    South America
  2. Live in the Bay of Islands - July 2010-May2011
  3. Live in Sydney - June 2006-December 2006 and May 2011-2018
  4. Go to Sydney in September 2010 - I did it!
  5. Cook Islands - Rarotonga and Aitutaki 2014
  6. Paris - July 2013
  7. Malta
  8. The Philippines 
  9. Maldives
  10. Stay in an overwater bungalow - Aitutaki 2014
  11. Cuba
  12. Japan
  13. Santorini, Greece - July 2013
  14. Stay at 100 luxury 5* places - 7/100
  15. Stay at Hotel Senia with the amazing pool - July 2013
  16. Crystal Palace and Egyptian Temple Madrid, Spain - July 2013
  17. The Northern Lights in Iceland
  18. Pisa, Italy - June 2013
  19. Colosseum, Italy - June 2013
  20. Rhodes, Greece
  21. Crete, Greece
  22. The boat on the beach in Zakynthos, Greece
  23. Tibet
  24. Rio de Janeiro 
  25. More of Mexico (only visited Tijuana when I was very young)
  26. More of Spain (added after we spent a week spread between San Sebastian, Pamplona and Madrid)
  27. Snow trip to Queenstown and Wanaka - I have been before, but not on the snow there
  28. See Palm Beach aka Summer Bay - May 2015
  29. See Jervis Bay and Hyams Beach (world's whitest sand) - 2015
  30. Uluru
  31. St Petersburg
  32. Antartica
  33. Hawaii with my family (visited when I was 13, but would like to go back)
  34. Las Vegas with my husband
  35. Spend a New Years in New York

    World Experiences
  36. Drive to the top of the North Island NZ - June 2010
  37. Do the Gold Coast theme parks with the kids - 2015
  38. Live in a foreign country for a year - Australia
  39. Get married on an island - Rarotonga 2014
  40. Hand feed wild dolphins at Tangalooma - January 2017
  41. Take my kids around the world (goal stated in 2010)
  42. Disneyland with the kids before 2020
  43. Take the kids to real snow - Perisher, August 2017
  44. An Opera at the Opera house
  45. Go on the train that crosses the South Island (NZ) in winter
  46. The worlds tallest tower, Burj Khalifa - Went up June 2013
  47. Experience San Fermines for running of the bulls (but only watch) - July 2013
  48. Eiffel Tower - July 2013
  49. Live in Spain for a year or more
  50. Visit the Great Wall of China
  51. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
  52. See the Dalai Lama speak - June 2013

    Walks / Hikes I'd like to make
  53. Walk to the top of Mount Maunganui to watch the sunrise - Did this on 12/07/10
  54. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge by June 2015 - Completed September 2015
  55. Camino de Santiago de Compostela
  56. Machu Pichu
  57. Walk Thira to Oia in Santorini - July 2013
  58. Tongario Crossing, New Zealand

    Adventurous things I'd like to do
  59. Laser surgery on my eyes - February 2017
  60. Swim with dolphins in the wild
  61. Sky dive - Indoor December 2014 (this was enough for me)
  62. Parasailing
  63. Bungy jump
  64. Sail the world
  65. A lap in a V8 Supercar
  66. A lesson in a rally car
  67. Get a tattoo

    Things I'd like to own / Materialistic stuff that doesn't matter so much to me
  68. Own an iPhone or similar - Got my first Samsung in 2012
  69. Own a king size bed - 2011
  70. Get a dog
  71. Own a horse
  72. Buy a house
  73. Buy a Tesla Model X
  74. Own a race horse (or have shares in one)
  75. Own a jet ski
  76. Own a yacht
  77. Get a house-keeper 
  78. Buy a dream home in the Bay of Islands, NZ
  79. Own a home in Spain

    Business and writing ambitions
  80. Start my own business - 2017
  81. Write a book - Domestic Violence completed in February 2016
  82. Publish a book - Domestic Violence on Ice was published in 2017
  83. Write over 40 books - 1/40
  84. Make one million dollars per year from book sales
  85. Write a best selling book
  86. My own clothing range
  87. Own a bar
  88. Make / direct a movie
  89. Meet Richard Branson and his family on Necker Island

    Charitable/kind goals
  90. Create a supportive community living space for single parents
  91. Create a project that will help change the world with regard to poverty - My school project started in 2018
  92. Change New Zealand with regard to poverty and addiction - This ties in with #35
  93. Create a charity to support the end of poverty - This ties in with 35/36
  94. Offer a business grant of $20,000 or more per year for women with their start ups
  95. Foster kids

    I'd like to learn
  96. Read one book per month - I do, usually more than one each month
  97. Diploma in Applied Writing by end 2011 - Completed in 2012
  98. Bachelors degree - Completed in 2014
  99. Spanish
  100. Japanese
  101. Maori
  102. Dressage lessons
  103. Learn to surf properly (I did a surfing lesson in Hawaii when I was 13, but it was on a long board, I was tiny and they were easy waves)
  104. Sailing
  105. Learn to fly
  106. Masters Degree 
  107. Complete a graduate diploma in education

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